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  • Craig Boneau, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    I joined Central Athlete so that I could train in a way that would make me better and able to do the things I want to do on an everyday basis. That means keeping up with my three-year-old while not being completely embarrassed by his mobility versus my own, picking up my kids, furniture, or other things without worrying about “throwing out” my back, and being able to play in whatever way looks like it would be fun at any moment.

    The ability to respond to my goals and program in a way that is diverse, fun, and moves me in the right direction has been amazing. It has made the last eight months of training absolutely enjoyable because I can see purpose behind everything I do, instead of something that feels like a shotgun approach to fitness.

    Thanks to my whole team, my experience could not be better at Central Athlete.

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    Craig Boneau
  • Elizabeth O'Brien, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    Central Athlete: individual program design and remote coaching. First, you get a comprehensive assessment, then you get an individualized program designed for you that is delivered weekly on an app (FitBot). Extremely educated, highly trained, knowledgeable coaches. I also keep a food and water log...a healthy diet obviously goes along with this. It's a completely holistic approach, taking your unique life situation into account, including sleep and stress. I had a hip replacement in late May and was ambulatory immediately, as I did both "pre-hab" and rehab w/ Central Athlete. Try coaches Justin Krause (Masters degree in Exercise Sports Science) or Amanda Martin (Psychology degree...and believe me, psychology is a critical component). These are not trainers with just high school educations.

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    Elizabeth O'Brien
  • Kevin Oberlag, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    I obtained the best physical fitness results that I've ever had by working with my coach at Central Athlete. All of the coaches and other members were always very friendly and helpful when I had questions. I enjoyed the variations in the programming. When relying on myself to make a workout regimen I ended up doing the same workouts over and over. I also like there were always coaches around that I could have help critique my form and answer questions during a workout.

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    Kevin Oberlag
  • Braxton Walcott, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    Braxton Walcott, 36, builds housing for employees in the oil and gas industry, primarily in West Texas and New Mexico. He found Central Athlete because it is conveniently located in his neighborhood, just two blocks from his condo in downtown Austin.

    He first took a class at the Crossfit Central gym right next to Central Athlete, then realized he wanted something different.

    “I was looking for personalized programming instead of classes,” said Braxton, who has been training at CA since March 2016.

    Below, he talks about his experience.

    “High school was the first time I actually trained or exercised with a purpose. In those days, it was whatever my coaches planned for us to do that day. In soccer it was usually sprints, in football it was weights and the normal high school conditioning. After high school, I didn’t train again until i was out of college. I started with running a couple miles a day and eventually added dumbbell workouts. A few years later I began training with friends at a gym, and three years ago I hired a traditional trainer that I met with 3 days a week. And then I found Central Athlete.

    “I’ve experienced timely strength gains, muscle gains, and performance improvements, which were my goals. There are several factors that contributed to this. First, all of my workouts are ready for me on my phone before I enter the gym. Second, Justin provides me with auxiliary movements that contribute to my overall strength. Last, I’m motivated and excited to work out, which has made me push myself harder than ever before.

    “I like the flexibility to work out when I want but with all the guidance I need to reach my goals. I can always just call or text Justin if I’m traveling, and he is able to adjust my workout schedule, which is great.

    “Every day is a bit different for me, and the fact that I’m able to work out when it’s convenient for me is essential. It’s like having a personal trainer but without having to commit to a set time—especially now that a coach is on-site to give that extra guidance when needed. It’s the best of both worlds. Having a training program designed just for me keeps me focused and always reaching for my next PR.

    “My goals now are improving olympic lifts: Back Squat of 305, Clean 205, Deadlift 345. Also, I was able to drop below 10% body fat while maintaining muscle mass and all the lower body stability work has paid off.”

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Braxton Walcott
  • Whitney Fremeau, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    Whitney Fremeau, 27, a native of Manchester, N.H., works in human resources for General Electric in Austin. A lifelong athlete, she earned a degree in economics from Holy Cross in Worcester and worked in finance in Connecticut before moving here.

    Whitney talks about making the switch from CrossFit, which promotes group classes, to Central Athlete, where her workout regime is tailored specifically to her individual needs.

    “I had been an athlete my whole life specializing in Basketball and Track & Field in high school and then continuing on with Basketball at the Division I level in college. Working out/training had always been a critical component of my life … until it wasn’t. During my senior spring of college, I injured my back and was completely sidelined for eight weeks. This was the first time EVER that I didn’t sweat on a regular basis that I could remember. Once I was healthy again, it was extremely difficult to get back into a workout routine. It actually took me two and a half years to figure out a good, consistent workout routine again. It was a whole different ballgame not ‘needing to train if I didn’t want to.’ ,I had never had that freedom before! Once I got back into the swing of things, I began to train for my first Olympic triathlon – a lot of cardio as well as some strength training a few days a week. About eight months into my new routine and after having completed the triathlon, I started Crossfit, which I did for almost two years before I joined Central Athlete as an onsite client.

    “The experience has been great. When I first started, I was doing a lot of Olympic lifting as I was doing a few Crossfit competitions for fun. Then, after a few months, I decided I didn’t want to do any Olympic lifting anymore and wanted to focus on body composition. It was really nice to have the freedom and flexibility to come to terms with my own personal goals and for Justin to listen to them and completely tailor a program around my preferences. It is also really interesting to hear the methodology of how my prescribed workouts will help me reach my goals during our monthly consults.”

    Like many professionals, Whitney travels for her job, which can make fitness consistency challenging. The customized workouts and the experience of working with a particular trainer, as well as the app, promotes accountability and reciprocity in a manner not addressed by one-size-fits-all workouts.

    “Central Athlete has worked out really well! I travel for work and in the past it was always hard for me to work out during those trips. I was never motivated to do anything when traveling aside from jumping on the treadmill for three miles, and I wasn’t consistent on that front, either. It is really nice to have customized hotel workouts so that I don’t have to think about creating my own, and also shortening them to 30-40 minutes, which is usually the most time I can give while on the road. It is so nice to be able to tell Justin exactly what equipment I have available to me and for him to completely customize an effective workout with what I have (which may be very minimal). Lastly, it holds me accountable since I have to go into the app to log my results, which is always extra motivation to make sure I fit it all in while traveling.”

    Whitney says that the flexibility that her CA program allows is critical to her lifestyle.

    “I love having a flexible schedule to train when it is convenient for me and not worry about getting stuck in traffic and being late for a class. Individually designed fitness is great. I love being able to target areas that I want to improve on my body, and I can see the methodology come through in my programming. It feels good to be working toward a goal and seeing progress based on the types of workouts I'm doing. Over the past nine months, my goals have changed a few times, but whatever the goal, there was always a calculated plan to help get me there.

    “Inside the gym, individually designed fitness has helped me reach a body composition I am happy with. I feel better and more confident and love seeing improvements through results on the Inbody machine and/or measurements.”

    In terms of her her most important achievements at CA, Whitney says she has made impressive strides.

    “Since the beginning of this year, I have been really focused on ‘functional bodybuilding’ and aerobic work. I have seen some really great results in toning up my arms and legs and becoming a lot more lean. I have lost eight pounds and 3% body fat.”

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Whitney Fremeau
  • Ashlie Martin, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    “I just wanted to look good, I wanted to create a lifestyle where I didn’t have to worry about my weight every day. When fitness becomes part of your lifestyle you don’t have to worry about it. I started doing CrossFit classes and I really loved it. The transition to Central Athlete was pretty hard but one of the advantages was learning self motivation. I do all my workouts on my own now and I don’t feel that I need a community to get my workouts done. Now when I get in the gym its just me and my workout and its saved me a ton of time.”

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    Ashlie Martin
  • Andy Price, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    “I had no history of fitness until 3 1/2 years ago. I think the lack of fitness coupled with my age was starting to add up with an inability to do some basic things I wanted to do. Skiing all day with my daughters and even everyday things were getting harder and harder. I literally had never done a single strict pull up in the first 38 years of my life. Now, not only have I done one, I have done thirteen in a row now. Seeing those results is amazing.”

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    Andy Price
  • Nic Pritchett, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    “Sometimes change is necessary. Two years of CrossFit group training couldn’t teach me how to kip a muscle up. Only two weeks with my new coach, Jesse O’Brien, and I was able to kip four muscle ups this morning!”

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    Nic Pritchett
  • Andy Boekrel, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    “I was doing CrossFit for about a year and ten months before I joined Central Athlete. The open work outs came up two years in a row and I just did it because I’m competitive and I wanted to have fun with the box. CrossFit caught my want to be competitive and beat people. But I had a couple of weaknesses, gymnastics movements. I was still pretty heavy, not great shoulder endurance, hand stand push ups were tough, grip strength was also weak. These are a lot of things that have improved with training at Central Athlete. After we did all the testing and despite changing every 8 weeks, we always have some part of the programming that is working on shoulder endurance and grip strength. Besides the main exercises like cleans, power cleans, and snatch most of the exercises I had never done before. It was all completely new and I enjoyed that.”

    2014: 2273rd in South Central

    2015: 463rd in South Central

    2016: 165th in South Central

    2017: 6th in South Central - Masters Men (35-39) and 151st in The World - Masters Men (35-39)

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Andy Boekrel
  • Todd Frederking, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    “When you are middle aged and fighting it hard, 2 surgeries in 90 days can break your will. You wake up tired because sleep is still a struggle. You are in pain physically, mentally and emotionally. Dragging yourself to the gym to figure out how to do (things) with one arm while you watch others with half your fortitude enjoy range of motion you barely remember. You start to let that internal tape of self pity and anger take over. You want to quit. And then, at the explicit moment that you need it most, you get a random text from your Coach. And you remember that it’s darkest before dawn. You are then grateful – to move – to breathe – to live – and to FIGHT. And you are thankful for a blessing delivered to you in the form of a guy named Justin Krause (CA coach) And you get your (butt) back to work.”

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Todd Frederking
  • Zack Pyler, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    I first began individualized coaching with Central Athlete a little less than 2 years ago. I had a goal to be competitive in the sport of fitness, but didn’t quite know how to get there. I was about 260 pounds, and I couldn’t do a strict pull up. From the start, Central Athlete showed commitment to my goals and my program. We did some comprehensive testing to test strength, stability, and endurance. For a long time my program consisted largely of building a solid foundation of technique and stability. To this day I have never sustained an injury while training (knock on wood.) Central Athlete has always been quick to answer my questions through e-mails or texts. They are always more than willing to sit down and discuss the direction of the program, or questions about technique. Starting the 2015 open I am under 240 lbs (I would be lower, if I followed all of their direction) I have a max snatch of 255, clean of 345, and I can back squat 445 lbs. Since I’ve always been a stronger guy, the skill movements I have developed are my greatest accomplishments. I recently did 11 unbroken muscle ups, I am proficient in double unders, and I can walk on my hands. Doing individualized program has facilitated me being able to grow as an athlete, and become a better coach myself. I have more knowledge of my body and the way it works. I know that without their guidance I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today. You should do individualized programming if you are serious about your goals. Having a knowledgeable coach that determines you’re programming allows you to hit weaknesses that you may otherwise ignore. I am beyond satisfied with my experience, and am excited to keep on getting better.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Zack Pyler
  • Sam O'Brien, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    After endless visits to various doctors and chiropractors for injuries for my back and shoulders, I was fortunate enough to find Central Athlete. Their individual program design was not only tailored to my specific goals, but it also helped rehab my vulnerable areas. After 4 months of training, I feel more balanced and my pain level has significantly decreased. Each week seems to get better. Additionally, I’m proud to say that I can do 5 strict bar muscle-ups and a one-armed pull up– two of many goals that I’m checking off this list with Central Athlete.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Sam O'Brien
  • Ryan Berber, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    I began working with Central Athlete four years ago with the goal of improving my fitness despite long work hours. Over that time, through a combination of One-on-One and Remote Coaching services, I have improved every measurable aspect of my fitness. What I’ve enjoyed the most is threefold. First is that Central Athlete tailors what we do based upon my objectives. We set realistic yet challenging goals that take a few months to achieve and then move on to the new ones after they have been accomplished. Thus keeping the workouts fresh and my motivation high. The second is that Central Athlete has been incredibly accommodating in regards to my schedule. Working in finance, the length of my days can be unpredictable, and Central Athlete has always worked with me to make sure we maintain consistency with my training. Lastly, my body is totally transformed from when we started working out together and I feel so much more confident in every situation from meetings to the beach.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Ryan Berber
  • Megan Ream, Central Athlete Testimonials
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    Megan Ream is a 44 year old mother of two and a part time Physician’s Assistant. From the moment we met there was no question that being stagnant was not an option for her, whether it be in her career, as a mother and wife, or with her health and fitness journey. When she began to understand that plateaus and stagnation in her fitness could be avoided, she immediately starting working with a Central Athlete coach in order to create a plan to promote continuous success.

    Megan didn’t come to Central Athlete to compete in fitness or be the best on the playing field, she started because she wanted to see what her body was truly capable of. Her primary goal was to increase upper body strength, more specifically she wanted her first strict pull up. This carried over into deep conversation about her individual struggles with stress and lifestyle components and how tackling these factors will support her overall goal of continuous growth. She was 100% on board with creating an approach together that would support her recovery, body composition, energy levels and sleep.

    “I have tried a whole host of things to improve my relationship with food and I have had more consistent success with the small changes my Central Athlete coach has suggested than any other program I have ever tried”.

    Within weeks Megan achieved her first strict pull up and has been constantly improving in the gym ever since. Improving Megan’s upper body strength wasn’t just about seeing the numbers increase, it was about allowing her to engage in extracurricular activities with her family such as skiing, rock climbing, paddle boarding, etc. with ease and free of pain.

    “I am very excited that I can do 5 unbroken strict pull ups and have held a freestanding handstand for 11 seconds. More importantly, increasing upper body strength has effectively eradicated my chronic neck pain, overuse of neck muscles, and frequent headaches. That in itself has dramatically improved my quality of life”.

    Her Coach Amanda, shares what it has been like from the Coaches’ eyes. “The biggest improvement I have seen as her coach is her overall display of confidence both inside and outside the gym. Her joyous demeanor is contagious and she is always striving for more and works diligently to progress in every aspect of her life. Since starting with Central Athlete as an On-Site Training client and seeing the personal benefits in her life, Megan has referred her husband to us. Jason works in Chicago during the week and utilizes our remote coaching services and travels back to Austin for the weekend to spend time with his family. His primary goal was to have the muscular endurance and stamina to keep up with his family during various actives such as hiking and skiing.”

    “Central Athlete now trains my husband remotely which is a fantastic improvement in his health plan and in turn our relationship. He has been an upper level executive for 5+ years and other than a brief return to competitive swimming, this is the first time I have seen him make fitness a priority. That makes our whole family happy because we want him to be around and able for a very long time.” Megan has particularly enjoyed sharing the small victories of her programming with her husband who now has a deeper understanding of Megan’s health priorities after being emerged with his own Central Athlete coach.

    Since starting with Central Athlete Megan has continued to see growth in all areas of her life. Stagnation is never an option for her! She has seen her strength and capabilities increase consistently inside the gym by following her unique training plan. Her decrease of neck pain and increases in energy levels and body composition improvements has made her more efficient in the workplace as a Physician’s Assistant. She is constantly striving to be the best version of herself, for her husband and her children. These relationships have been strengthened with a combined passion for improving health.

    Don’t take it from us coaches. Take it from Megan, who is still experiencing continuous growth in every aspect of her life!

    “I may be 44, but I don’t see that as a limit and Central Athlete programming has shown me that I can steadily work toward my goals. I respect that the CA staff practices what they preach, continue to expand their knowledge base, and check in with the clients to make sure it all works”.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Megan Ream
  • Shayna Dunitz, Central Athlete Testimonials
    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

    Shayna is a 25 year old female with a dense background running both half and full marathons. She fell in love with the barbell during her short stint with group fitness classes and after moving to Austin from New York and running the Boston Marathon, she was ready to ditch the running shoes and take her fitness to the another level. Shortly after this pivotal moment, she was introduced to Central Athlete. After hearing the benefits of following an individualized program, she hopped on board immediately and started working with her own Central Athlete coach to move towards her goals of improving in the sport of fitness at a competitive level.

    Central Athlete takes each client like Shayna through a comprehensive strength balance and work capacity assessment to determine a specific plan and starting point depending on the goal at the hand. For Shayne, her assessment supported her coaches assumption that she needed a broad base of absolute strength and increased power to work towards her specific goals of competing in the sport of fitness.

    And so the journey began!

    Since working with Central Athlete, Shayna has seen tremendous growth inside the gym and has been open to working on lifestyle habits outside the gym that would also support her goal.

    “I am so happy with my progress; its truly impacted my entire life. I half-jokingly tell people that my Central Athlete coach is not only my fitness coach, but my nutrition coach and life-coach as well. Since starting with Central Athlete we have cleaned up my diet considerably, found a good rhythm for training intensity and volume, and built good sleeping and recovery patterns, all the while managing what is sometimes a crazy busy work schedule.”

    Shayna works in Downtown Austin at a non-profit organization whose mission is to activate entrepreneurial potential in students around the world through experiential education. Even when she is traveling around the world for her job, Shayna is always diligent about communicating with her coach and stays consistent and compliant. Based on her 30, 60, and 90 day compliance rate, Shayna is at 100% across the board which is an attributing factor to her great results.

    • Bench press increased 50%
    • Scapular stability and upper body pulling strength improved 733% which was measured with a supinated chin over vertical plane static hold.
    • Backsquat improved 23.8%
    • Front end power improved 52.2% which was measured with an Assault Bike max wattage test.

    These objective measures are proof that she is moving in the right direction. She has increased both her strength and her power and is continuously seeing progress each week.

    “Some of my biggest achievements include the ability to do a strict pull up. I can also do double unders now, which still blows my mind. There have also been a ton of strength gains and successes every week which show that we’re moving in the right direction with training.”

    Along with her successes inside the gym, Shayna has also made impressive strides with her nutrition and recovery patterns and is always eager to learn more and test the waters. She even dropped her daily caffeine consumption to help with improved sleep and energy management.

    “Outside the gym my diet is about 100x better and my quality of sleep has improved, which positively affects my work in the gym as well as my life outside the gym. I am excited to see what 2017 has in store for me!”

    A. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat: @3011; 8-10/leg x3; rest 60 sec btw legs
    B. Goblet Squat: 100-106lbs; 6-8 x4; rest 3:00
    C. Close Grip Bench Press: @30X1; 7-9 x4; rest 2:30
    D. Forearm Plank: 30-45 sec x4; rest 90 sec

    A: Double Unders: Accumulate 20-25 reps – note time to complete
    B: Supinated Pull Up: Top Down; Accumulate 2-4 reps; note bodyweight
    C1. Supinated Barbell Bent Over Row: torso 75 degrees from standing; 4-6 reps x4; rest 90 sec
    C2. Front Leaning Rest on Rings 40-60 sec x4; rest 90 sec
    D. Single Arm DB Powell Raise: @4010; 8-10 x3; rest 90 sec btw arms
    E. ALP1 FT @97-99%
    6 D-Ball over Shoulder 60#
    6 Cal SkiErg
    (rest walk 2:30) x 4

    A: Axle Bar Overhead Walking Lunges: 8,8,6,6 steps; rest 2:00
    B: Batwing Hold: 10 sec x5; rest 2:30
    C: Accumulate 7:00 Passive Hang on Rings: (alternating to single arm hangs works as well to help recover) *every break 12 GHD Sit Ups + 20 reverse hyper
    D: 3 Rounds NFT
    15 RKBS 53#
    1/1 tug
    40 yard FW 50# DB per hand
    1 pull up negative; 10 sec descent
    40 yard log front rack carry
    (rest walk 2-3 min)

    A: YTALW shoulder complex: @4011; 5 reps per exercise x3 sets; rest 2:00
    B1. DB Incline Bench Press: @30X1; 5,5,5,4,4; rest 90 sec
    B2. Prone DB Row: eccentric slower than concentric; 8-10 x4; rest 90 sec
    C1. Incline Row: 10-15 x5; rest 10 sec
    C2. DB Push Press: @40X1; 8-10 x4; rest 90 sec

    A: Trap Bar Deadlift; build to an 8rm
    B1. Single Leg Slideboard Leg Curl: @4011; 4-6/leg x5; rest 15 sec btw legs
    B2. Back Rack Yoke Walk: 1.1.1; 20 years x4; rest 20 sec/rest 2:00
    C. Single Arm DB Powell Raise: @4010; 7-9 x4; rest 30 sec btw arms
    D. Sprawl: 15 reps AFAP – every 90 sec x7 sets

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Shayna Dunitz
  • Kaitlin Wheeler, Central Athlete Testimonials
    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

    Kaitlin joined Central Athlete with the hopes of gaining strength and improving body composition along the way. During her initial consultation we noticed a lack stability and strength as it related to her body weight. She started with 0 strict pull ups and 4 push-ups and a max close grip bench press of 75lbs. In just 15 weeks her 1 rep max bench press is now her 8 rep max and her upper body pulling stability and strength has improved 77% allowing her the ability to complete up to 10 strict pull ups in a single training session.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Kaitlin Wheeler
  • Michael Gallagher, Central Athlete Testimonials
    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

    I came to Texas because of a promotion with my company. I work in the alcohol industry and was presented with an opportunity to relocate to Austin. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do as far as training. I knew that I wanted to change from CrossFit-style workouts and start looking at more dynamic programs. I certainly didn’t know what it meant and looked like with the amount of traveling I was going to do covering Texas and Oklahoma. Dropping last-minute changes on Jesse on a regular basis probably wasn’t too much fun for him but he always adjusts accordingly and with the same challenge. I have taken to heart the training I want to do and the time my coach puts into designing that program. The least I can do, is do what is assigned, and let him see if the program is working. The beauty of this is that we are all told how unique we are, so why would one type of workout work for all of us? Our programming should be as unique and dynamic as we are. This training does just that.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Michael Gallagher
  • Kellye Kirkpatrick, Central Athlete Testimonials
    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common

    Body Composition Improvements: During her first 3 weeks with Central Athlete she lost 2.2lb of fat, gained 3lb of muscle and dropped 1.6% body fat. Performance Improvements: Supinated COVP hold improvement from 3 sets at 5 secs to 4 sets of 8-12 secs.

    Results May Vary - Not All Testimonials are Common
    Kellye Kirkpatrick



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