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In June 2008, Jesse O’Brien committed himself to some lofty fitness goals and chose a training program that he believed would work. By January 2011, Jesse was in the best shape of his life. He was stronger, leaner and better-conditioned, and he had forged an indomitable mentality. The only problem was that Jesse had plateaued across all fitness metrics and yet was still hungry for the elusive, initial goal: consistency and congruence across the board. Any progression in a few arenas here and there often came at the expense of another benchmark, which slipped back. His lifestyle didn’t always align with his mission.

He began to seek answers and quickly thereafter, found a mentor in James Fitzgerald of OPEX in Scottsdale, Arizona. After years of experimenting, applying, learning and then tweaking the OPEX principles, Jesse established his own fitness entity here in Austin: Central Athlete, which he founded with partner Jeremy Thiel, in 2015.

Central Athlete is the confluence of Jesse’s experiences (both positive and negative), proven strength and conditioning principles and an evolving set of holistic ideas that are centered around the client. Our company was founded with results at the forefront of our vision. We utilize the principles of Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral techniques in the service of our work with clients. Our goal is to walk with individuals as they create their own definition of fitness—one that fits them uniquely—and design a training program that will help them get there through consistent work, mindfulness, implementing sound nutritional practices and, equally important, aligning their lifestyle with our common goals.



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