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Dynamic Seated to Assisted Standing Straddle Hold

Dynamic Seated To Assisted Standing Straddle Hold

Execution: The client will begin in the straddle position on the floor with their toes pointed out. Using their torso, the client will gain momentum to shift their weight forward so that their hands are now supporting their body weight. The client will then take a few steps forward with their hands until their feet are flat on the floor, and then walk themselves back to the starting position. Notes: Having greater flexibility in the groin will make the client have an easier transition from the ground onto their hands. If flexibility is a limiting factor, it should be made a priority in order to achieve this movement efficiently. Purpose: This is a mobility drill that will require stability and the end range of motion for standing splits. This is a great exercises because it demands a mixture of stability and mobility. Programing: The dynamic seated to standing straddle hold can be used throughout the week as a warm up, cool down, or a primer to a gymnastic heavy session. Variations: Any side split variations would be similar exercises.


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