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  Brittany Testimonial“Why did I come back to Central Athlete? Because I know it works. Within my first year of working with Coach Jesse I accomplished multiple goals, including a 135-pound snatch and my first muscle-up. I made the decision to switch back to Central Athlete after a few months of group CrossFit classes because I wanted to target personal fitness goals (absolute strength and running). I knew this type of program would allow me to train specifically to those goals. I love how personal it can get. I know that each person grows differently, and multiple factors are involved outside the gym as well, such as sleep, stress, hormones, personal time, etc. While working with Central Athlete, I have learned so much more about these aspects in regard to my own training as well as in my personal life. The last reason behind switching back to CA is that my schedule can be random sometimes, and I was looking for a way to be more efficient with my time. Through Central Athlete I get to work out when it is convenient for me, which is really helpful.” - Brittany Antonishek
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