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Facility Program Design

f-p-dNeed some inspiration for your gym’s programming? Tired of looking to other programs on various blogs, websites and books for ideas? Want a customized approach for helping your clients improve? Look no further than Central Athlete’s Facility Program Design—a personalized touch for fitness facilities. During the initial consultation, we get to know your members’ specific needs and develop short and long-term goals for the group. From there, each program is customized by not only taking your clients into consideration, but also your facility’s equipment, weather/climate control, and space constraints. Some potential benefits of using Central Athlete’s Facility Program Design include:

  • Eliminating the guesswork out of programming by allowing masters in fitness program design to handle this for you
  • Designing workouts to promote strength and balance while avoiding burn-out (critical for client retention!)
  • Offering unique programming that sets your business apart from your “competition”
  • Freeing up more professional time for you to focus on client relationships and business building
  • Creating space for more personal time in your daily schedule
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