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Central Athlete Lingo and Expectations

Remote coaching requires active, open communication for optimizing your training and our relationship. Below, we have outlined a number of procedures to create the best experience for both of us in this journey.

1. Lifestyle Suffice to say, quality sleep, quality nutrition, and balancing stressors are essential in this process. Over time we will continually modify and evolve your prescription on all three points. Without successful lifestyle practices in place it will be difficult to achieve complete fulfillment in your fitness.

2. The Prescription Perhaps the most central aspect of communication is results reporting. Expect a template provided to you on a weekly basis through FitBot. (Please let your coach know if you do not receive an e-mail from FitBot with instructions on how to log in.) Once you open FitBot, please scan the document and verify your understanding on all points throughout the week. It is best to ask questions at this time, as opposed to right before an individual training session.  We recommend adding FitBot to the home screen on your phone for fast access.

3. Results Reporting Following completion of a session please note results in FitBot. The example below illustrates how I would like each day of the week organized. Notice the original prescription is provided and dated with the results mirrored underneath. 4/14/16 A. Jerk - build to a moderate single off blocks in 12 min B. Strict Press – Every 90 sec x5 sets – build to heavy triple C1. CGBP @3110- 3-5 x 4 - rest 60 sec C2. Seated DB Shoulder Press @2010 - 8-10 x 4 - rest 60 sec A. up to 190# B. 135, 145, 155, 165, 175# C1. 115/4, 120/4, 125/3, 125/3 C2. 45# x 10 for all.

4. The Plan You are expected to be 100% compliant with the prescription provided. It should be noted that we will recycle workouts if last week's training has not been completed. Do not add extra work without notify and being authorized to do so. This includes, but is not limited to: local or online competitions, sessions with friends, or rec-league sports. The total physical stress load placed on your body is paramount to your success and is closely controlled through programming. We ask that you please report any outside training or physical activity that you do throughout the week on FitBot.

5. Reaching Out It is your responsibility to contact Central Athlete when warranted. At any time you may contact your coach through email and some coaches through text. Your coach is very responsive to email and text during normal business hours (8am-5pm CST) Monday through Friday. Typical turn-around time is short, but on occasion can exceed several hours. Coaches are known to check emails during off-hours but make no promises on responsiveness at these times. Every four weeks your coach would like to either Skype or voice call with you to discuss all aspects of the remote coaching process for 15-30 minutes. Please book these appointments at least one week ahead of time. Contact them directly via email and they will schedule a time. Most coaches are open to off-hour scheduling, as well, when it is required in special instances.

6. Billing, Hold, Cancellations If you have problems with your billing or you have finished your contract and would like to cancel your programming, please contact Justin Krause our remote coaching coordinator ( and he can assist you.

7. Supersetting A1. Romanian Desadlift @ 30x0; 3-5 x 3; rest 2:00 A2. Dumbbell Bench Press @ 4011; 8-12 x 3; rest 2:00 This means that you would perform 3-5 reps of A1, rest 2 minutes, then perform 8-12 reps of A2. Rest 2 minutes after A2 before you go back to A1. This is called supersetting and can be done with multiple exercises.

8.  Abbreviations Central Athlete uses a system of abbreviations to create ease of reporting and writing. The abbreviations are listed below in alphabetic order. If you see an unrecognizable abbreviation in your template not listed below simply ask for clarification. AB – Assault bike AD – Airdyne aer – Aerobic AFAP – As fast as possible alt – Alternating Amrap– As many reps as possible Amsap – As many seconds as possible AS – Air squat AxB - Axle bar b/t – between Bar MU – Bar muscle up BB – Barbell BB lunge – Back rack barbell lunge BBJ – Burpee box jump BJ – Box jump BJSD – Box jump step down BS – Back Squat BTN – Behind the neck Burpee MU – Burpee muscle up BWT – Bodyweight C2R - Chest to Ring cals – Calories CC – Continental clean CGBP – Close grip bench press Clean – Any variation is acceptable COVP – Chin over vertical plane standard CTB – Chest to bar chin up DB WL – Dumbbell walking lunge dHSPU – Deficit handstand push-up DL – Dead lift DU – Double under Emom – Every minute on the minute FG – Fat grips FR – Front rack FLR - Front Leaning Rest FRWL – Front rack walking lunge FS – Front squat FW – Farmer walk G2OH – Ground to overhead GH back ext. – GH back extension GH sit up – Glute ham sit up GHR – Glute ham raise GM – Good morning HC - Hang Clean Hlt - Halting HRPU – Hand release push-up HSPU – Handstand push-up KB – Kettlebell KBS – Kettlebell Swing KBS, Russian – Swing to eye-level standard kg – Kilogram KTE – Knee to elbow MAP - Max Aerobic Power MAP 10 - Active recovery pace. We also call it “guilty zone” because when you get done you feel guilty since you didn’t go harder. MB2S – Med ball to shoulder MC – Muscle clean min – minute MS – Muscle snatch MU – Muscle up NPUB – No push up burpee NPUBBJ – No push up burpee box jump PC – Power clean Pd - pood pHSPU – Paralette handstand push-up PJ – Push jerk PP – Push press Press – Strict vertical press Pronated chin up – Palms out variation PS – Power snatch PU - Pull Up RC – Rope climb RDL – Romanian deadlift RFESS – Rear foot elevated split squat RFT – rounds for time rpm – revolutions per minute RR - Ring Row RTW – Round the world S2S – Stone to shoulder SA DB press – Single arm DB press SA OH DB carry – Single arm overhead dumbbell SC – Squat clean SCT – Squat clean thruster SDL – Sumo deadlift sec – seconds Seg – Segmented SJ – Split jerk Snatch – Any variation is acceptable SS – Squat snatch Supinated chin up – palms facing variation TC – Tall clean TGU – Turkish get up Tng – Touch-n-go TS – Tall snatch TT - Time trial TTB – Toes to bar TTR - Toes to rings VC – Versa climb W – Watts WB – Wall ball WC – Waiters carry WCU – Weighted chin up WG – Wide grip WL – Walking lunge wtd – Weighted WW – Wall walk YW – Yoke walk

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