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We have a variety of different clients here at Central Athlete all trying to reach their goals and making fitness work in their schedules. Whether you need basic fitness, the next level of elite training, or simply want to look and feel great. Central Athlete can offer those things for you. We believe that unique training for each person can give you the results you want. See what some of our clients have to say about us.


Software CFO

One-On-One Training Client

"I had no history of fitness until 3 1/2 years ago. I think the lack of fitness coupled with my age was starting to add up with an inability to do some basic things I wanted to do. Skiing all day with my daughters and even everyday things were getting harder and harder. I literally had never done a single strict pull up in the first 38 years of my life. Now, not only have I done one, I have done thirteen in a row now. Seeing those results is amazing."



Medical Device Sales Representative

On Site Training Client

"I was doing CrossFit for about a year and ten months before I joined Central Athlete. The open work outs came up two years in a row and I just did it because I’m competitive and I wanted to have fun with the box. CrossFit caught my want to be competitive and beat people. But I had a couple of weaknesses, gymnastics movements. I was still pretty heavy, not great shoulder endurance, hand stand push ups were tough, grip strength was also weak. These are a lot of things that have improved with training at Central Athlete. After we did all the testing and despite changing every 8 weeks, we always have some part of the programming that is working on shoulder endurance and grip strength. Besides the main exercises like cleans, power cleans, and snatch most of the exercises I had never done before. It was all completely new and I enjoyed that."



Pre-K Teacher

Remote Coaching Client

"I just wanted to look good, I wanted to create a lifestyle where I didn’t have to worry about my weight every day. When fitness becomes part of your lifestyle you don’t have to worry about it. I started doing CrossFit classes and I really loved it. The transition to Central Athlete was pretty hard but one of the advantages was learning self motivation. I do all my workouts on my own now and I don’t feel that I need a community to get my workouts done. Now when I get in the gym its just me and my workout and its saved me a ton of time."



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