Optimizing Human Performance

Developing Anaerobic Power

Anaerobic power is synonymous with short, unsustainable efforts. This type of training has been shown to demonstrate increased metabolism in individuals, improved performance and cardiovascular benefits that surpass aerobic training. We find that many training programs are missing this key component.

One of the key adaptations we see in individuals who train anaerobically in a progressive and consistent manner is that it develops intensity in short, powerful, sprint-like scenarios. These efforts yield powerful effects and can be very taxing, due to their unsustainable nature. Although athletes need to be able to “go there,” in terms of anaerobic dynamism, some of the best athletes are not very reliant on this energy system because their aerobic systems are so over-developed and dominant. Think about Rich Froning or Miko Salo. They can do a workout that would put a normal athlete on the ground for 15 minutes.

  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKbeP6Sf5Ik[/embed]   Here is one of my favorite training pieces. An opportunity to go very heavy and get a neurological and unique muscular stimulus as well as the energy systems affect of doing 10 burpees as fast as physically possible.   5 rounds each for time: 3 hang power cleans as heavy as possible 10 burpees AFAP rest 4 minutes


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