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Personal Training Client Rhonda Facile

Rhonda_BW_24Dec2014 How long have you been training with your Central Athlete coach? I’ve been training with Amanda for approximately 8 months now. Why did you start Personal Training? I started Personal Training because I knew I needed expert help. I had just recently undergone hip replacement surgery and knew I lacked the knowledge to accomplish my goals. I was determined to change my life and reach my fitness goals. What has been your experience? As with most things in life worth doing, it is hard work, but it is also extremely rewarding. Thanks to Amanda’s kindness and patience, I have made significant progress towards my goals. Honestly, I am completely hooked having seen what the possibilities are and understanding that I have the capacity to get there. What has been your biggest accomplishment? There have been many milestones, increased flexibility, strength and cardiovascular capacity. I am doing things now that I would not have believed I could do before I started training with Amanda. Becoming more flexible, being able to sit cross-legged, and improving my functional fitness has made life so much easier and more enjoyable. What are you working towards? I plan to continue on this path wholeheartedly. To continue to build on the foundation I now have to become a fitter, lighter and happier version of me. What would you tell other people who are considering Personal Training? I would say, be brave, take a chance. As Amanda says, and I agree with her, "it doesn’t matter where you start, just start”. What has been the most rewarding part of Personal Training? Discovering the strength and potential I did not realize I had is, by far, the most rewarding, life changing part of investing in Personal Training. I discovered that I really like strength training. There is something very empowering about it and the effect it has both physically and mentally. Losing weight, feeling and looking good are not exactly negatives either! LOL


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