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Post CrossFit Games Open - A Reflection

IMG_0209The 2015 CrossFit Open is officially over. The top individuals and teams have been placed and are prepping for Regionals and the potential road to the Games. As a participant of the open myself, I have had the time to reflect on my performance and experience during the 2015 open workouts and the goals I want to achieve leading into 2016. This reflection is extremely important right now, especially for for the 249,000 individuals who did not advance to Regionals this year. This is a new beginning! Not trying to qualify for Regionals? That's okay. This is still a great opportunity to learn more about your fitness and begin focusing on where you want to go during the upcoming year and how much improvement you want to see in next year's CrossFit Open. Below are a few questions that my Central Athlete Coach and I discussed after the Open in order to create a game plan moving forward. We should be constantly asking ourselves these types of questions throughout our fitness journey in order to stay true to ourselves and our goals. What did you learn from the open? What are your goals? Why? What workouts did you do well with? What movements were a weakness? What can you do differently this upcoming year? What are your priorities? Etc. These are all questions that we, the 249,000 athletes, and everyone else, should be asking ourselves right now! It is the time to reflect on our journey over the past year in order to make the necessary changes and create a roadmap in order to meet your fitness goals, whatever they may be! If you are unsure where to start or how to design a workout plan that can get you to these specific goals, an expert coach at Central Athlete can help. With a high level of expertise and experience in delivering results through progressive and individualized programming, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. Becoming a part of your own unique programming continues to deliver results on a consistent basis year after year. Being a Central Athlete remote client myself for over 3 years, I can honestly say individualized programming is the way to go if you are serious about seeing progressive and consistent progress!


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