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Meet Coach Amanda, a level 2 personal trainer and remote coach for Central Athlete.

My passion for personalized training and programming runs deep and is growing fast. I completely geek out on watching people move and having the ability to correct faulty movement patterns and imbalances while working individually with my on-site and remote clients. This is something that I wasn't able to do in a group setting and why I am completely intertwined with individualized training plans. My favorite part of working with Central Athlete is the ability to create a balanced fitness plan for each unique person who works with us remotely or in person. Everyone is different and I love programming accordingly.

In my free time, if I am not behind my computer programming workouts, or watching “Nashville” on HuLu (embarrassingly enough I am currently addicted to this show), you can find me outside hiking with my boyfriend's chocolate lab named Jamie. Our favorite spot is the Austin Green Belt in South Austin. I have also recently picked up a new love for bike riding and will take Jamie with me around my neighborhood and into a local park several times a week. Having the opportunity to escape the day-to-day grind to experience the beautiful scenery and solace that Austin has to offer allows me to reflect and decompress, something that is extremely important for me as I move into adulthood.

Over the past several years I have acquired a new excitement around traveling and am trying to continue to explore life outside of Texas as much as possible. This May I will be partaking in a 2 week adventure to Alaska where you will find me climbing glaciers, watching whales in their natural habitat, and participating in the infamous alaskan sport of dogsledding. Escaping city life and the attachment to electronics every so often has been empowering and traveling gives me to opportunity to do this without feeling guilty.

Along with programming, exploring the outdoors, and traveling whenever possible, I spend 5 days of the week working on my own individualized training. My goals over the past year have been purely strength based but I am currently adding increased aerobic capacity to this list after the 2015 CrossFit Open kicked my butt. To say the journey has been exciting is an understatement. My favorite workouts are anything that consists of heavy power cleans and muscle ups. Mainly because those are 2 movements where I can really excel. My recent accomplishments have been adding 10 pounds to my squat clean and 8 pounds to my snatch along with correcting some faulty squat patterns that have helped me feel stronger than ever. The most exciting thing about my personalized workout plan is seeing progress week after week, no plateaus for me!

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