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OPEX C5 Course in Austin, Texas - Reviewed

IMG_1659This past weekend, Coach James FitzGerald, founder of OPEX, made a special visit to Central Athlete to host his newest seminar: OPEX C5 Course-The 5 Foundations of Coaching.  A total of 25 coaches, and those interested in becoming coaches, assumed the role of ‘students’ from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on their Saturday to learn just what it takes to become not just a good, but a great coach. IMG_1578Coach James brought the message that, in order to be truly great, coaches must be well-rounded and provide clients with a comprehensive, individualized and caring experience. This includes:

  • Assessment: Knowing how to conduct and integrate a formal, in-depth assessment
  • Program Design: Designing a fitness protocol and training program, aimed specifically at the individual’s goals
  • Lifestyle Coaching: Connecting with clients on a deeper level—inspiring them to realize and achieve their own personal greatness in their lives
  • Nutrition: Understanding proper nutrition, food hygiene and food quality practices
  • Business Systems: Implementing a strategic, smart business structure for a sustainable fitness business
All of these are modules from the OPEX Coaches Certificate Program, hosted year round, both online and in-person to train coaches to be better coaches. IMG_1534 Central Athlete could not have been more honored to host Coach James, and can say with confidence that these take-home points are factors we stand by: Great coaching and unparalleled service. What separates a great fitness experience and coaching from a good fitness experience and coaching? Individualization. Care. Guaranteed success. Scientifically-driven. At Central Athlete, you will get all these things. On the flip side, online coaching programs, fitness classes, personal trainers and coaches are a dime a dozen out there. More than just a piece of paper with a passing grade from a weekend-long certification, or a trainer who makes up your workout for that day on the fly, we at Central Athlete believe that quality coaching goes far more in-depth. We want to:
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Empower you to learn and know your own body (mechanics, mobility, stability, strength)
  • Address any roadblocks standing in your way to your goals
  • Prevent injuries and heal injuries
  • Educate you around nutrition for your body, and best health
  • And have fun in the training process
  • Be a professional fitness experience and leaders in exclusive coaching
…Just to name a few. The C5 Course is about all of these and more—a year’s worth of education from OPEX’s CCP program, all consolidated into one jam-packed day at Central Athlete. IMG_1715


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