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IMG_0019When it comes to wanting to perform your best, have more energy throughout the day, or just look good naked, everyone wants the next best thing. The next best strength training program, the next best diet or cleanse that your friends are raving about, or bouncing from different fitness programs around town looking for the next best workout. What if I told you there was a secret to achieving your lifelong fitness and health goals that has the ability to be maintained throughout a lifetime? In our experience with hundreds of different clients with many different backgrounds there has been one fundamental key in reaching their fitness and health goals. Consistency. Consistency can be defined by having steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, and form. And can be rooted from self discipline which in essence is the consistency of action. Lets start with diet, which seems to be the hottest topic on the market with millions of different strategies and tips on how to look good naked. First, diets do not promote continuous and lifelong changes, but rather short and immediate changes that are proven not to last. Why? Because they are not consistent and they do not create long-term habits. The hottest 21 day challenge that guarantees fast weight loss is probably true in their marketing. But what happens after the 21 days? If you are like most people, you will go back to eating the way you were before the challenge and gain the weight back almost immediately. Why? Because the body needs consistency through discipline to create long-term habits and lifelong results. Our nutrition protocol is one that has the ability to last long-term if consistency through taking personal responsibility is established. It seems everywhere you look it is all about the “quick fix” to weight loss from diet pills, to patches, to hazardous caloric restrictions. How many of those have worked in the past over a long period of time? Zero, because healthy habits were not obtained and there is an absence of consistency. If you want to look good naked and be happy and healthy, its (almost) all about the consistency. Nutrition isn't the only thing that calls for that undiscussed secret in order see positive and long-term changes. What about those of us who are looking for progress inside the gym; strength gains, podium wins, and/or acquiring new skills. You guessed it, the best way to see progress over the long-term is consistency, not only with your nutrition but with the days spent in the gym and the program you decide to follow. First, in order to reach your goals in the gym, following a progressive, long-term approach will expedite the process. A program built from the ground up specifically for your body and your goals. The right program is only 50% of reaching your highest potential in the gym. The next most important piece, is consistency and the discipline to show up and do the work. As we have studied the progress of many Central Athlete (CA) clients, the ones who commit to their personalized program as designed are the ones who see significant and continued results. Another important key to seeing results in the gym is having a progressive workout. Completing “random” workouts consistently is a great start but plateaus will come if your workouts are not designed in a progressive manner. An Example of a progressive and consistent workout plan for a Level 4 female athlete working on increasing her olympic lifting technique and positioning: work out plan exampleNotice the pattern from week to week? This program is individualized based on the clients specific needs and her observed responses to various training implementations. The progressive nature of each movement allowed this athlete to see improvements from week to week. Note, this client has been in the CrossFit and weightlifting world for 5 years and the program also consisted of many other attributes to help improve technique and gain strength in other areas.  After a testing and retesting period, she hit a 30# PR in her Jerk Grip OHS in 5 weeks as well as a 10# split jerk PR. This is just one of many examples of how our athletes are able to see continued progress, years into their training.



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