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IMG_1207Have you hit a plateau in your fitness? Have a personal health or fitness goal in mind, but not sure how to fully achieve it—wondering, "is it really possible?” Looking for a more personalized approach outside of a generalized group program? Overcoming an injury from intense training—or not wanting to walk down that path in the first place? Central Athlete was created to answer many of the above questions. Haven’t heard of it? Central Athlete is a new professional coaching and holistic wellness company that recently launched in Austin—partnered with Austin’s premiere CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit Central in downtown Austin. Central Athlete was initially inspired by the founding coaches’ personal journeys in the world of fitness and the dynamic impact that CrossFit especially had on all of their lives. They loved the intensity, the community, the break away from a focus on the mirrors, the discovery of their own capabilities…but, in the same breath, they had also walked the path that many CrossFitters walk of burn out, injury, pushing it too hard, and stalls in their own fitness progression. They knew they wanted more. Central Athlete was born. Our unique approach is centered on Individualized Design for all of our clients through both fitness and nutrition services. The Individualized Design Model is inspired from the leaders in fitness and coaching, OPEX, under the guidance of James FitzGerald—the winner of the first-ever 2007 CrossFit Games. Within our program clients:

  • Partner with a personal, professional Coach
  • Have access to a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Occupational Therapist, with their goals, their health and well-being first and kept foremost in mind
  • Can choose from both On-Site or Remote Coaching, One-on-One and Nutrition options
  • Rehabilitate chronic injuries
  • Avoid training burnout
  • Don’t over-train particular muscle groups or movements
  • Achieve their personal goals quicker—and don’t go it alone
  • Save money from additional costs towards personal training
  • Are part of a unique supportive community
  • Can be assured their time is not wasted in the gym
  • Get ALL the positives they love from CrossFit—without the negatives
After an initial consult and comprehensive physical and lifestyle assessment, your coach then creates a specific plan of action and weekly programming around your abilities, goals and current lifestyle in order to help you get to where you want to be. Your role is then to follow the play-by-play steps, with the helpful oversight and guidance from your coach, every step of the way, to begin realizing that what you want out of your fitness, time in the gym, your nutrition and, ultimately your life, is 100% possible. More than just personal training, our goal is to empower you to handle your own fitness, as well as give you confidence to get incredible workouts in the gym without needing someone to hold your hand. And the best part? All of this happens within a community-centric environment. On-site clients are able to come and go as they please to complete their personal programmed workout for the day, within a community atmosphere, alongside hosts of other clients doing the same. In other words, just because you are on a personal fitness program does not mean community is lost. If anything, as everyone individually improves in their own goals and areas they wish to excel, community is only strengthened through the support of one another in each others’ endeavors. You DON’T have to be a Games’ athlete to experience the amazing benefits of Central Athletes’ programs. In fact, the vast majority of our clients are everyday people, aspiring to do extraordinary things—whatever that means for them personally. (Be it keeping up with the grandkids, completing a 5K or Ironman, competing in a local fitness competition, getting back the pre-baby body, excelling on their Varsity Lacrosse team, or just staying fit for life.) Schedule a FREE initial consult to ask questions and find out more about how Central Athlete can serve you.


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