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CrossFit Has Failed You!

What’s your CrossFit story? You know: the moment you first found “it.” On an endorphin ‘high’ from that back-to-back triplet of a 400-meter run, kettlebell swings and pull-ups; or shocked that a 15-minute workout of box jumps, high pulls, wall-balls, presses and a little bit of rowing could leave you gassed. You thought: “THIS is what a workout really is.” If you pushed yourself past your limits, you may even distinctly remember lying flat on your back post workout; or regretting that piece of pizza you ate for lunch; or, worse, seeing that piece of pizza you ate for lunch. Regardless of what happened, there is one thing that was for sure: You were hooked. Hook, line and sinker—you drank the Kool Aid, and your CrossFit journey began: · 6 am or 6 pm class with your crew daily · Dressed to impress in your WOD gear (strength wraps, Nanos, headbands, tall socks) · Callused hands and box jump battle wounds demanding guts and glory · Bad dreams about Fran · Checking your phone first thing in the morning or before bed at night for the workout of the day · Memorized stats, lie Rich Froning’s Grace time and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s max pull-ups · Full liberty to eat bacon! As for your fitness? At first, you saw the SURGE in your fitness. Whether you came by couch to CrossFit—starting completely fresh; or you stumbled into “the box” via a friend or family member; ESPN’s CrossFit Games’ hype; post-college athletic withdrawals; or the desire to just try something new…your fitness was noticeably different only a month or two in. You were learning new skills, accomplishing new feats and testing new limits you never thought possible (Snatching? Muscle-up attempts? High box jumps? Handstand walks?). CrossFit was FREAKIN’ AWESOME! That is until… · You hit a plateau · Your attempt to snatch 90% of your 1-rep max for 20-reps (in order to go as prescribed) was a false move · You incurred your “first injury” (a box jump miss, or hand rip, shoulder pull, back tweak) · Started feeling more tired or complacent (rather than energetic and on fire) throughout your AMRAPs · A coach pushed you to go ‘RX’ and you threw out your shoulder · You over-did the met-cons, making you weaker—not stronger · You felt stuck—continually requiring modifications for your handstand pushups, or muscle-ups, or · You got ‘in your head’ for not being better than you are—constantly comparing yourself to the box beasts in your class, the Open leaderboard and Rich Froning’s of the world · You stopped getting that ‘high’ from your workouts · Your arms swelled up from completing 300+ pull-ups within 48-hours · You never learned to love burpees You were hit with the harsh reality that: CrossFit had failed you. What are you getting out of your group CrossFit program? Community!!! Yes, true. Community is the heartbeat of group classes—and that most certainly IS a big part of it. But what are YOU getting out of your CrossFit program? (Your fitness, your continued achievement of your goals, breaking free from plateaus?). And, moreover: What do you WANT to get out of your fitness program? “I want to improve.” “I want to be healthy.” “I want to look good naked.” We hear you. So are you? Chances are if you are attempting to lift 80-90% of your 1-rep max for 20+ reps with poor form…Or, attempting to ‘get’ your muscle-ups during your 10-minute skill practice every other week during the workout…Or, continually reaching for the band to get through the 100 pull-ups in the WOD… You are not getting much. Like the ladies in Jazzercise with an aerobic step, or spin class—spinning at level 1 furiously for an hour straight…you are working, but not really working out—getting the MOST out of your workout, for your own personal gains. Central Athlete’s individualized design and remote coaching programs were created to directly address this issue—head on. · Tired of wishing you could get a muscle up? · Sick of incurring an injury every couple weeks—trying to keep up with the whiteboard? · Really want to gain strength—but the daily WODs seem to be nothing but AMRAPS? · Not sure how to push past your plateau for handstands or pull-ups or Clean & Jerks? Central Athlete partners you with your own personal coach who is completely invested in you—your process—and just as eager as you are to see you succeed. Weekly, receive your daily training plans (based 100% on your goals) directly in your inbox and ongoing communication with your coach for any questions that may arise. A bonus? You don’t have to give up community. Most of our athletes perform their workouts on site at the Central Athlete headquarters in downtown Austin, alongside other likeminded individuals, working their programs as well. For others, most coaches and gyms are open and supportive for their athletes working to improve their own game, while still remaining part of the community. Work during the open gym hours or other side of the gym if you are a member of a CrossFit box. Central Athlete is also able to prescribe workouts for individuals to complete at home or in their traditional gyms. Don’t think a muscle up is really ever possible? Just ask athlete Nic Pritchett about getting his first kipping muscle-up this month and he would tell you, at one time, he, too, thought the same thing. For more information on Central Athlete’s program and working with a coach, schedule a free consult today.


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