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Unilateral Training

What if I told you that one small change to the lifts and exercises you currently do could instantly lead to increased strength, improved athleticism, more muscle recruitment, heightened balance, a stronger midline, and MORE results? Sold? Great! The answer? Unilateral training. Such as: One-legged squats, step-ups, one-arm presses and snatches, single-arm rows, single-legged dumbbell deadlifts, lunges. Unilateral training allows you to expand your overall muscle development and strengthen both sides of your body in order to then improve your overall strength. Think about it: Do you currently have one side of your body that is stronger than another? Most people typically do. You may notice this on certain lifts, such as the squat, when you drive through one heel or shift your hips to one side than the other. Or the strict press and jerk, where one arm over powers the other. Or even your pull-ups, when one arms works more than the other. Many of our strength numbers are reflections of two parts of our bodies trying to work together in order to be as strong as possible. However, more often than not, we have some glaring weaknesses on one side or another, or in our overall muscle recruitment. With unilateral training, your focus shifts from trying to get both sides to work together to, first, developing each side of your body (arms and legs), and then moving to your compound strength movements in order to allow both sides to now work together more cohesively. There is strength in numbers, and the stronger each side of your body becomes the stronger overall you will become as well. Unilateral training not only allows you to more intricately develop your muscles on each side but also to develop more balance and core strength. For instance, stepping up onto a bench, holding a pair of dumbbells while standing on one leg or balancing a weight in a one-arm overhead carry WILL recruit more core muscles and it will REQUIRE you to stabilize in ways you’ve never done before. In addition, unilateral loading, by definition, takes the load off of your midline and therefore, forces your core musculature to work more than normal in order to prevent rotation and instability. Try it for yourself with the six exercises below; And get connected with one of our coaches at Central Athlete who will help you figure out the right training plan for you and your goals. Coaches will teach you how to incorporate unilateral training into your weekly program, along with your other lifts and exercises for a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat Barbell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift Russian Step-Up Dumbbell Row Single Arm Dumbbell Press Turkish Get-up


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