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central-athlete-29Over the past 30-40 years, group fitness classes have seen a surge in popularity. Dating back to the 1968 to be exact, the year Dr. Ken Cooper, "the father of aerobics," published the bestseller Aerobics and started a fitness revolution. In essence, the beginnings of group fitness and, really, fitness itself were simple: Like-minded people coming together to move, sweat, smile and get healthy. Fast forward to 2015, 47 years later, and fitness has taken on a whole new meaning.  Group fitness in many settings (such as CrossFit, bootcamps, HIIT classes) means higher intensity and more technical movements (think: snatches, kettlebell swings, rope climbing, etc.) than stepping up and down on step-platforms and scissor kicking to works the thighs. Even outside of the class setting, fitness within the gym has taken on a whole new meaning. The creation and evolution of the "globo gym" (i.e. 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, etc.) has united people from all walks of life to come together under one roof, and train however they so please, for whatever goals they have in mind. You can see everyone in a globo gym from body builders to Power Lifters, bikini models to soccer moms, runners to football players, Ninja Warriors to desk jockeys, and everyone else in between. And while each of these fitness models (group classes and working out at a gym) are not inherently bad or right or wrong, on-site training at Central Athlete takes the best perks from both these worlds and offers something unique to fitness enthusiasts, currently untouched and unheard of within the Austin fitness market: Focused, individualized programming, specifically aimed at your goals - within a social, community setting. In essence, clients have access to an open-gym setting where they can take advantage of all the bells and whistles of a functional fitness facility, while doing a workout that was designed specifically for them by a coach.  And the best part? You don’t have to go it alone.. Central Athlete brings clients together from around the community to train on-site at Central Athlete. You can get in a solid, individualized workout AND feel that push you get from the energy and like-minded focus of other dedicated athletes. Think: An open gym or a standard weight training and fitness facility, BUT, everyone working out there:

  • Has a clear direction for their workout. No bros hogging the bench everyday or ladies walking around with their Shape Magazine fitness routine.  No guy watching his Insanity video in the corner or teenage boys lifting way more on the squat rack than their backs or hip flexors will allow.
  • Is making progress. No same workout every day, or spinning your wheels trying to find a program that works.
  • Has a genuine respect for one another. No poor gym etiquette of barbells and dumbbells all over the place. No "meat marketing." No gym spats over who gets the squat rack next—there are PLENTY of squat racks.
For safety, and to help ensure good form and answer any questions, a coach, or "sweeper," is on the gym floor throughout the day. More than anything, this coach is here to help ensure that you, the client, are well-taken care of and to be that "extra set of eyes" and encouragement that you would otherwise get (or should get) in a group fitness setting. But, the aspect that makes this open-gym, on-site model most unique is the connected community it forms. After all, those who sweat together stick together, and there is something unspoken and connecting about working out alongside others who are experiencing an equally tough workout, or growth in their own fitness journey as well. Central Athlete’s on-site training creates a unique community amongst its clients, offering the best parts of the group fitness, or CrossFit box setting, with even greater fitness rewards and personal gains for each individual.


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