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Why We Love Coaching

As coaches, we love nothing more than seeing our clients succeed. We believe in you and your goals, and it is not only our job, but also our privilege, to partner with you to help you go the distance. More than success though, the thing we love MOST about coaching (hands down) is the opportunity we have to make a difference in others’ lives not only in the gym, but in one’s health, nutrition, vitality, priorities, productivity, stress levels, and goals—outside the gym. Reflect on that for a moment. Can you think of anyone in your own life that has made a holistic impact—touching upon the mind, body and soul? We as coaches seek to help our clients live a larger life, a bigger life, by impacting the total package. One of our clients, Zack Plyler, recently wrote to us, expressing the impact we as coaches have made in his life, and it hit us that we are doing exactly what it is we were meant to do. head2

“It’s hard to believe I have been training under Central Athlete for a little over 2 years. I got connected to it very quickly after I started CrossFit. Jesse was a coach at my box, and I knew that I wanted to train to be competitive. I knew that I needed something specifically geared towards me.

I don’t know even where to begin. I have loved my time as an individualized client. It has made me better as a coach. Central Athletes’ coaches are phenomenal at what they do. Jesse is my coach and he often sees things that I can’t, and I know I can trust him to get me to where I'm trying to go, not to mention, I’ve learned a ton.

I have learned how to properly warm up an energy system for different workouts. I have learned how important positioning is for my Olympic lifts, as well as the importance of overall structural stability. Though its not my favorite thing to work on, I have never had any shoulder problems (knock on wood.) I attribute that to having a knowledgeable coach. On top of it all I have learned that I can push myself way beyond the limits of my mind. The value of having someone assess you and then make a program geared specifically towards you is key. All great athletes have coaches.

Through working with Central Athlete I have avoided injury and I constantly see myself improving. Not to mention, training has allowed me to do some pretty cool things (outside the gym). Just last weekend I was out on a boat with my family. Everyone would have to climb around the boat to get up on a latter. I was able to pull my self up the side by doing a muscle up. It's the small things like being able to do stuff like that I really enjoy.”

Zack improved his Snatch from 155lbs on 6/25/13 to 255lbs by 12/22/14.

We strive to view every client as if he or she is our only client—meaning we highly value an individualized approach to each and every hardworking trainee who chooses to believe first and foremost in themselves, and use as their guides. If you are a coach: How are you investing in your clients? More than just writers of exercise prescriptions, we are teachers, guides, counselors, supporters, and accountability partners in this thing called life.


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