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fitbot-plus-ca At Central Athlete, we believe in delivering on the best in service and programming to our clients. With that, comes technology, and we are happy to announce our recent partnership with FitBot—the latest in streamlined tech for the fitness world. FitBot is a training management system, that provides the platform for clients to receive their daily and weekly programming, log their results, communicate with their coach, keep organized and access movement videos and demonstrations to make the 1:1 exclusive coaching process seamless. Since a vast majority of Central Athlete’s clients train on their own through our remote coaching programs, the FitBot system will allow clients to feel like their coach is right alongside them—writing their program on the whiteboard, demoing the movements, or cuing them with extra pointers or notes for each day’s worth of training. Over the past several months, Central Athlete made a mission to produce our own video library of exercises—unparalleled by any other video out there to date. After tirelessly searching on YouTube each and every time we programmed a newer movement for our clients to perform for several years (and being dissatisfied with the mediocre or extraneous videos we came across), we decided to create and brand our very own, short, succinct videos to demonstrate many of the movements that comprise a client’s program over the course of their training experience. FitBot will be our host site and hub for accessing these videos, and all Central Athlete clients will be provided with instant access to this amazing technology—easily accessible on their phones.


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