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Why Coaches are Important

one-on-oneWhat did you like to do for fun after school as a kid? What were your extra-curricular activities?

  • Boy or Girl Scouts on Mondays.
  • Soccer, dance, gymnastics or basketball practice on Tuesdays.
  • Piano lessons or acting class Wednesdays.
  • Math or reading tutoring Thursdays.
  • Swim team or karate on Fridays.
  • The big game for whatever sport was in season on Saturdays.
No matter what activities you participated in as a kid, chances are, you didn’t go it alone. You had a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a tutor, a trainer, a leader—someone to guide and lead you to grow, develop, and master your trade. Heck, you didn’t even think about going it alone without some form of guide in your endeavors! It wasn’t an option. That individual was there for a purpose: To help you improve you. And, hopefully, you experienced some success, or at least learned a thing or two, from those individuals who tried to make an impact in your life. While this model of coaching is often correlated to our childhoods, kids need mentors and teachers, it does not stop into adulthood. In fact, the model of coaching, regardless of the medium (sports, fitness, finances, acting, singing, dance, art, business, coaching others yourself), is applicable (and necessary) throughout our lifetimes—that is, if you truly want to continue to grow, improve, reach new goals, or simply gain support and guidance. For example,
  • Fortune 500 companies hire business and marketing coaches.
  • Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys all have worked with vocal coaches.
  • A legitimate U.S. Chess Certified Coaching Program does exist.
  • X-Games athletes hire freestyle skateboarding coaches.
  • Professional life coaches have their own coaches (must read: “The Prosperous Coach”).
  • People pay thousands of dollars annually to learn from the top experts in their interest(s) of choice (motivation, nutrition and fitness, wellness, etc.).
  • Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey have built businesses on being guides for others in financial freedom.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous is known for the power of accountability in having a sponsor to check in with.
  • Recovery from anything involves support each step of the way.
  • You’re never too old to learn! Adults can take advantage—just as much as kids—in learning a new craft or hobby (painting, photography, gymnastics, martial arts, etc.)
You get the picture. If you want to get good at something, if you want to improve, you don’t think twice about working with a coach or mentor. The same can be said about the power of Remote Coaching for your lifestyle, fitness and even health and nutrition endeavors. Why go it alone, if you can have an “eagle’s eye” point-of-view guiding you every step of the way? Remote Coaching is a newer, evolving practice within the realm of fitness, in which Central Athlete, here in the heart of Austin (a start-up city), is helping lead the way. More than just a personal trainer (holding your hand for 30-60 minute sessions a handful of times a week only to send you out on your merry way until the next appointment), your Remote Coach goes into the trenches with you to help you not only attain your physical goals, but build healthier, sustainable lifestyles through the process. Education, accountability, a listening ear, guidance and support are just some of the benefits you will get from working with a coach. A common misconception? You have to be an athlete to have—or need a coach. Buzz! Wrong. The majority of our clients, in fact, are everyday people with a desire to do extraordinary things in their lives outside the gym, such as:
  • Being an awesome parent (or grandparent)
  • Growing a successful start-up business themselves
  • Keeping sane in spite of a crazy hectic schedule as a mom to 4 kiddos
  • Kicking butt on their intramural football team
  • Passing O-Chem (organic chemistry) in college
  • Remaining active as they age
  • Living long and prospering
Whether you are "ordinary" or aspiring to take your fitness up a notch and see what you are truly capable of, if you are ready to stop letting that inner critic hold you back from realizing what greatness could actually mean for yourself; connect with Central Athlete today for at least a free consult to see how our coaching programs could best serve you. In addition, Central Athlete never wants to stop learning or growing either. This fall, we are excited to announce that our coaching team continues to refine their coaching, teaching and leadership skills through the implementation of our Motivational Interviewing model. Through this therapeutic coaching technique, it is our aim to help our clients dig deeper into their own personal truths and discover the fact that we all actually have many answers to our questions rooted deep inside. Owen O’Brien, sister to Jesse O’Brien, and Master’s-level Social Worker will be partnering with the CA crew as our own personal coach on the subject. Keep learning, keep growing.


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