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One Small Nutrition Change That Makes a Big Impact

healthy_cooking_by_samlim-d729cjhHave you ever sat down to think about what drives you in life? Have you thought about your top priorities in life? How do you occupy your time, how do you spend your money and what is most important to you? For many people this answer varies drastically ranging anywhere from providing for a family, growing a business, being a stay-at-home mom, excelling in a sport, enjoying the outdoors, and so much more. Believe it or not, this post has little to do with finding your purpose and more to do with creating a lifestyle that can support you during this endeavor, whatever that may be. When individuals focus on the steps required to conquer their lifelong dreams they tend to pay little attention on how their health may affect this effort. Two important questions I ask my clients upon starting a program with me are 1) How many times in the past year were you sick? And 2) What are your energy levels like throughout the day? It is nearly impossible to enjoy time with your children if you are constantly battling stomach bugs, head colds, and viruses, and it will be extremely difficult to grow a business empire while continually fighting low energy and a lack of mental acuity. Ahh the infamous Carbohydrates. This may be your culprit. A lifestyle that includes a high dosage of processed carbs (breads, pasta, chips, candy, fast food, etc) causes a host of problems from insulin resistance to decreased levels of testosterone and growth hormone secretions, both necessary for ideal body composition. But, high levels of processed carbohydrates also cause many others issues that may keep you from performing at your highest level in the office or at home. Processed carbohydrates increase the secretion of serotonin which causes the body to become more relaxed in preparation for sleep. When carbs are reduced people claim to become more energetic and motivated both at work and at home. A big plus for the individuals who need energy for the kiddos or motivation to become successful. Reducing your carbohydrate intake is not the only factor in increasing home and work productivity. People report having less sick days when an adequate amount of sleep per night is achieved along with increase water intake and managed stress levels. Together, these can result in positive gut health essential in digesting and absorbing nutrients. Without proper digestion and absorption, the benefits of healthy eating will be reduced. Processed foods that are not easily digested can create small holes throughout the digestive system causing toxins to be released outside the intestinal walls and into the immune system. Remember all those sick days last years? What if I told you they could be prevented by tweaking a few lifestyle and nutritional habits? Our goal at Central Athlete is to create long term habits to help our clients reach their highest potential both inside the gym and kitchen as well as in their business and home life. By focusing on small changes that result in the most favorable adaptations, our clients create lifelong habits that are hard to break thus reaping the benefits over the long term. These benefits include include increased work productivity and energy, better quality sleep, weight loss, increase muscle mass, and a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life. Sounds too good to be true? Contact a Central Athlete coach if you are interested in learning how our individualized approach to each unique client can help you reach your highest potential.


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