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You are not Rich Froning

What program do you follow?

Check out any blogs regularly?

Who’s your coach?

What’s your training schedule?

Today the answers are broader than ever in the sport of fitness—wherein the dot.com workout of the day is no longer the go-to for ensured progression or success if you are serious about improving your fitness.

And with so many options out there, it can be downright tough to choose. Log on to any established affiliate or coaching program’s website, and you’re given a daily program (or three) to follow (some sites separate their ‘competitors’ from their ‘fitness’ and ‘performance’ gang):


Competitors Training.

United Barbell.

MisFit Athletics.

Diablo CrossFit.

The Outlaw Way.

The Barbell WOD.

Some other blog.

There’s no getting around it—a vast majority of CrossFitters has at least figured out that following a program of some sort (i.e. not constantly varied) challenges you to progress over time, get outside your comfort zone, NOT cherrypick your workouts and take the thought out of “what to do” in the gym.

However, that being said, if you follow a program or blog regularly—even a ‘highly established’ blog or program…are YOU, the individual, truly getting the most out of your workouts?

I don’t just mean: Are you flat on your back after your workout? Or are you squatting 5-10 lbs. more than last month?

But, comprehensively, are you:

  • Addressing a long-term, residual shoulder injury that’s become just something you decided to “live with”?
  • Busting past a plateau or mental block you’ve had for a year now with your strict press or snatch?
  • Receiving a comprehensive routine that targets your specific weaknesses, while building up on your strengths?
  • Dissecting and talking out your personal fitness journey with another solely interested in your progress?
  • Progressively building on newly acquired strengths and skills?
  • Resolving the nitty gritty mechanical issues or bad habits that have been part of you for as long as you can remember?
  • Having fun with your process?

These are questions only you and you alone can answer—but chances are, if you are following a program, intended for the masses (even the ‘competitor’ masses), you are missing out on really honing in to where you are and moving along the training continuum of ‘faster’, ‘stronger’, ‘more stable’, ‘fitter’, etc. at a steady, progressive rate.

Most recently, you may have even heard about Rich Froning’s latest program—available at the fingertips of any individual who, for 50-bucks a month, can get a peek into the daily training log of the Fittest Man on Earth and, at their discretion, use the program to do “exactly” what Rich does in the gym.

A common question of many, including other elite athletes, like Jason Khalipa, over the years of the champ’s success, has been:

What is Rich doing?

Well, look no further than his WODIFY account’s daily tracking to know—and try it at home. http://www.crossfitmayhem.com/programs/wrd/

This, too, coming from the man well-known to fuel up with peanut butter and chocolate milk as his daily staples, and not afraid to put back a donut (or two or three) if they are in sight, in mind (the nutrition of champions).

In other words: a super-human.

Can you get better following Rich’s program? Maybe.

Will you individually take your game to the next level? Probably not.

You are NOT Rich Froning.

Sure, his plan is super challenging—and quite interesting to see what it is exactly he does do on the daily—but, if you want your own shot at being the next Rich Froning….let Rich do his thing, and you do yours.

Central Athlete is 100% committed to seeing individuals—around the country— thrive in their own fitness, and after an in-depth initial assessment and 1:1 consult with one of our four OPEX CCP trained coaches, we customize an individualized training program for every single day you are in the gym, for every single facet you personally wish to target (strength, core, endurance, power, skill, etc.).

And not only that, but our programs adamantly help prevent injuries, break through plateaus and keep our athletes from hitting  a ‘wall’ with burnout, boredom, injury (over-doing it) or struggle with complexity.

In fact, if you don’t want to be a statistic, getting your own personal program is the way to go. A recent study (http://ojs.sagepub.com/content/2/4/2325967114531177.full)  highlighted the reality behind CrossFitters and injuries, revealing that 1 in 5 reported an injury over the past 6-months. Of those individuals, the classic ‘constantly varied’ philosophy of CrossFit was adhered to, and the most common injury sites were the shoulders, knees and low back.

In addition, among those who were coached—more individually—were directly correlated to a lower injury rate.

Chances are, if you are pursuing the sport of fitness, you want to be your fittest, and healthiest version of yourself you can be—we want that for you too.

See what individualized design coaching is all about—with a free consult today to chat with head coach Jesse O’Brien on the phone to learn more and see about how Central Athlete could work for you.

Feeling burned out? Ready to break past plateaus? Truly want to be as good as Rich?

Focus on YOU and tapping into your own potentials, and you will be amazed.

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