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Make 2016 YOUR year!

It’s that time again; New Years! For some, this is the time to leave the past in the past, learn from our mistakes, and become better versions of ourselves- A fresh start! For many, this is the time to start planning the big changes we want to make heading into the new year. The biggest “new years resolutions” consist of getting back into shape, shedding all the unwanted fat, and eating healthier. These are great ways to become better versions of ourselves and feel more confident in that two piece bikini over summer, but often times the changes seem overwhelming, the motivation is short lived and our normal everyday habits return more quickly than the time it took to make these resolutions.   When the New Year rolls around we fill our heads with huge ideas that we are confident we can accomplish. We are excited for the fresh new start and we set many “new years resolutions" that we know can be achieved. This year is different! Nothing has changed from the previous year, but this time we have a lot more will power. It will be done! I am going to lose 20 pounds, go to the gym 4 times a week, only eat meat and veggies, and no more alcohol. This goes great the first two weeks, you’re crushing it! But then the momentum dies and you skip a day at the gym because life got in the way and a glass of red wine doesn’t sound so bad after all. It’s all downhill from there. Another year goes by, and the goal you set out to accomplish wasn’t met … again. Sound familiar? How frustrating it must be to make the same new year resolutions every year without any success? After a few years, you may just forget the idea entirely. But what if I told you there was a way to succeed and it was probably much simpler than what you have attempted in the past? Lets make 2016 YOUR year, it’s time to do something different, something PROVEN to work! Leave your failed attempts in 2015 and let’s finally work towards lasting results this year!   Why! First ask yourself why this goal is so important to you. Find some emotional triggers and really dig deep. You are going to need to quiet time to do this! Without the intrinsic inspiration and the honest truth behind why you want to change you will most likely bail when the going gets tough. With true understanding at the root of your change, you can overcome the rough patches and keep striving towards your goals. Small Changes Studies show that when two changes are made at one time the success rate drops to 50%. When more than two changes are added this number plummets to a success rate of just 10%! Start with one small change at a time and your success rate will sky rocket to 85%! Once this single task has become a new habit in your lifestyle and you feel confident in your ability to continue this, another change can now be made. Under Commit & Over Deliver You want to hit the New Year with a bang and work out 4 times a week! Awesome! But first you should ask yourself how many times you are working out now. If this number is zero, good luck! I tell my clients ALL THE TIME to pick a number in which they know with 100% confidence they can do, sometimes this means under committing. For most people this number starts at 1 or 2 days of fitness per week and that is OKAY! When you have hit your required amount of days per week fitness training for at least 8 weeks in a row, you know you may be ready for more. Everyone is different but you have to start off with realistic goals that can be maintained over a long period of time. Under Committing sets you up for success and build confidence along the way! Consistency Progress is not achieved by waves of motivation, It is achieved through consistent efforts made over a long period of time. In my experience as a fitness coach, those who are consistent reach their goals 100% of the time! This can be used in all life endeavors as well, not just nutrition and fitness. Accountability Who is holding you accountable? This is extremely important for anyone looking to enhance their lives, again, not only in fitness, but in business and life as well. Think of this person as your health mentor! Having someone to check in with every so often to ensure you are on track is vital to your continued success. You can’t do this on your own! Knowledge Having an expert coach to collaborate with in order to make the appropriate changes needed based on your overall goals will exceed the rate of your success. Utilizing your time in the gym with movements that create the biggest metabolic advantage will have you spending less time on the elliptical machine while actually reaching your goals. So farewell to those days wondering around the gym wondering, “what should I next”? “What will help me lose weight?”. Even coaches need coaches! Make this year YOURS by taking control and consulting with an expert coach on strategies that are proven to work! Leave the frustrations of not reaching your goals in 2015. It is time to do something different!


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