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When is it Time to Individualize Your Training?

We see this happening more and more... An athlete experiences sudden improvement then plateaus. Central Athlete uses the best of CrossFit, in an individualized and client-centered approach for those clients who are looking for something specific out of their fitness program. We assess the client, determine their goals and give them proper progressions based upon their starting point. What happens next?… we see fast progress when they have plateaued for years. Assessments, a client specific program, and great coaching go a long way. Nic Pritchett came to Central Athlete after two years of CrossFit group training couldn’t teach him how to kip a muscle up. Within only two weeks of working with his Central Athlete Coach, he was able to kip four muscle ups. Does this sound like you? Have you tried to develop a skill for quite some time only to find yourself right back where you started? Whether it is due to a current limitation or your programming isn’t supporting your success, individualized training may be what you need. Schedule a consult today to understand how an individualized approach may be the road to faster times, skill acquisition, and more PRs.


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