Optimizing Human Performance

You Can Lead a Horse to Water...(and Sleep and Protein)

Everyone says they want results in the gym, but what if the key to lasting results lies OUTSIDE the gym? It may not be as fun or immediately rewarding as maxing your back squat or finally mastering a muscle up, but if you’re serious about your long-term fitness, performance, body comp, wellness (fill in your goal), there are three things to get right before you can expect lasting results: Sleep, Water, Protein. SLEEP • The body’s reaction to sleep loss can resemble insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, and there is some evidence that sleep deprivation could lead to a pre-diabetic state. • One night of poor sleep produces cognitive and motor impairments equivalent to legally defined levels of alcohol intoxication. You’ve got to get your sleep, 8 hours or more a night. When we fall short of 8 hours, powerful hormones such as cortisol become imbalanced. This can lead to weight gain – more directly increased belly fat or visceral fat, which produces toxins and inflammation that increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Work to fit the natural circadian rhythm of sun rise and sun set into your life. Sleep from 1am to 9am is much different than from 9pm to 5am. WATER Coffee and beer are not water. Fun Fact #1: You can live up to 8 weeks without food. Fun Fact #2: You can only live up to 4 days – that’s 4 DAYS – without water! Most of us can remember what we ate last week or a few days ago, but how much water? (Not beers!) And yet we are 65% water. This should help stress the importance of having a well-hydrated body for life! Well-hydrated = minimum 1/2 body weight in ounces of water per day PROTEIN Eat the meat or whatever protein source you deem reasonable, acceptable and agreeable for you and your life’s practices. Every meal, protein is a part of it – morning, day, and night. Protein helps keep the body lean by feeding muscle over fat and adds lean muscle. Be it fat loss or lean gains, protein is a must. Protein at every meal is also balances blood sugar levels and helps with appetite control. General guidelines: • To add lean body mass: +1 gram protein per LBM per day • To maintain lean body mass/lose fat: 1 gram protein per LBM per day


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