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It's not sexy to tell people it is going to take them 3 to 4 years or longer in some cases, to build the proper base, in order to support their goals. It is much more entertaining to do what the "cool kids" are doing. When strength and conditioning principles are properly applied, you see longterm progression. When you see people progress to exercises and drills that are beyond their ability, you see plateaus, injuries and burnout. Isometric before isokinetic before isotonic before dynamic before training under fatigue. Let's look at the muscle-up for example. Isometric (carries, holds, hangs etc.) Can you perform a passive hang for a minimum of 2 minutes? How many sets of 1 minute chin over bar holds can you complete? Isokinetic (tempo/rhythm). How many pull-ups at a 41X2 tempo can you complete? Isotonic (eccentric/concentric reps). Have you ever done 50, 100, 150 strict pull-ups in a training session? Dynamic (plyometrics, kipping). Now you have earned your place to sit at this table. Dynamic under fatigue (kipping muscle ups, burpees and double unders). Getting here can take a long time for most people but when you progress appropriately, you can get a tremendous amount of benefit out of this style of training. Training isn't always sexy and people don't always want to abide by these principles because they can probably get away with some dynamic movements before they have earned their right to do so. Just understand that if you want to be that person, you must pay the price of admission.


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