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The larger the foundation, the greater the potential. If our clients are seeking to develop their upper body pulling capabilities, everyone starts at the foundational level. Level 1 - Before chin over bar holds, clients must pass our scapular stability requirements. Level 2 - Before strict muscle-ups, pull-ups and pull-up negatives, clients must demonstrate competency in chin over bar hangs. We look for 1 minute unbroken for 1-5 sets. Level 3 - Weighted pull-ups. 20% added load of their bodyweight for females and 33% for males. Level 4 - Comparisons of other lifts. Goal 1 = 65% weighted pull-up to press ratio. Goal 2 = 96% weighted pull-up to close grip bench press. Level 5 - Degrees of explosiveness. You have now earned the right to kip. Sometimes you need to draw some lines in the sand. We have had great success with keeping our clients injury free and continually progressing using these criteria for when to progress.


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