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More Muscle, Less Fat with Functional Resistance Training

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Fitness is trendy and people are always looking for the "short-cut" or the latest "fad" to follow. There are many forms of training that can lead to results but one we stand behind is functional resistance training.

Get out of pain, increase energy and look better naked by combining body building, weight training and gymnastics in a fun and challenging format. 

Below is in-depth information around functional resistance training and WHY we believe it reigns superior over other forms of training.

Resistance training has multiple benefits and it is our belief that no matter your goal, you should be participating in resistance training to some degree.

Specifically for the following reasons:

  1. Metabolically: Your basal metabolic rate increases 6-10 calories per pound of lean muscle and your total daily energy expenditure increases up to 50 calories per pound of lean body mass.
  2. Functionality: The training meets the needs and demands of your daily life.
  3. Aesthetics: Simply put, you will look better naked.


This is something that we have been doing for years and have seen tremendous results with a variety of clients. Regardless of your goal you will benefit from functional resistance training.

A glimpse into how this works:

Low to moderate rest times elicits a high lactic acid response which in turn produces higher amounts of growth hormone which is a leading factor for improvements in body composition.

There are a lot of factors and variables that go into a functional resistance program. Some of which include:

  • Training Age: Your training age is a very important factor when determining the appropriate sets and reps. Get this step wrong and you could be spinning your wheels.
  • Nutrition: Goes without saying. Your coach will work with you to create nutritional habits geared towards body composition.
  • Lifestyle: What does a typical day look like for you...running on 5 hours of sleep and caffeine everyday? This will have implications on your results.
  • Objectives: The amount of functional resistance training varies per individual. You might be surprised at how much/little you actually need.


Not everyone needs an assessment. Who does?

Someone wanting to:
  • Maximize progress: The assessment is designed to collect data that is used to build your fitness program. The data provides an objective method to track progress.
  • Learn: During the assessment, the coach goes over the "why" behind every test that is done. This helps "teach the client how to fish".
  • Prevent injury: Statistics indicate that the chances of injury are high among people starting a new training plan. The assessment reveals problematic areas so the coach and client can prioritize the areas that need improvement.
  • Long-term results: The rate of adaptation varies per individual, sooner than later, what you are doing will no longer provide the results they once did. The assessment provides the coach the information needed to provide long term results.


In the fitness industry, there are a lot of buzzwords, assessment being one of them. What is the benefit of an assessment if you are doing the same workout as everyone else?

Central Athlete uses individually designed fitness to connect your goals, training and long term results to the data gathered in the assessment.

Why overhead squat if your low back hurts each rep? Why olympic lift if you don't enjoy it? Why settle for a cookie cutter training program?

You no longer have to sacrifice your true values to potentially achieve results with our new model of fitness.

If you want to achieve improved body composition, healthier joints and more self confidence through a program that is fun and challenging, now is your chance.

This is simply a test run, and while results will follow, for you to achieve maximal results we encourage you to have an assessment done by one of our professional coaches.





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