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The Benefits Of Central Athlete Coaching, Everywhere You Go!

If you’re unable to train at Central Athlete, but still want excellent fitness training, our Remote Coaching in Austin is perfect for you! We deliver high quality training off site. Lose unwanted weight, increase your stamina, and improve your workout technique with a personal approach from the comfort of your own home. For your specific set of goals, we’ll make sure you are comfortable training on your own. Whether you’re already a practiced athlete wanting to take your training to a higher level, or a beginner to the world of fitness and training, our remote coaches can help!

Our Remote Coaching in Austin Training Includes:

  • Free Consultation: We’ll remotely discuss your personal goals, existing lifestyle habits, and physical conditions so we can provide accurate recommendations. 
  • Assessment: We’ll go over preliminary analysis of your current fitness level.
  • Comprehensive Testing: A customized workout program that’s based on your assessment will be designed for comprehensive testing.
  • Coaching: Ongoing coaching, support and review will be provided by your experienced coach to discuss your training improvements and ensure continued success. Regular feedback and analysis on overall and specific performances will also be provided.
  • Training: We carry out a customized approach to fitness training by delivering clients of  our Remote Coaching program with programs that fit their specific needs. Other than training, we also provide specifics relating to nutrition, supplementation, workouts, injury prevention, and movements.

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