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9.11 CrossFit Central WOD Blog

9.11 WOD: Clean and Jerk

9.11 CrossFit Central WOD BlogEAST side Burnet Rd and Downtown:
A)10mins to Find 1RM:
Power Clean & Jerk
B) EMOM x 10:
2 Power Clean & Jerks @ 70-75%
3 Burpees

WEST side Burnet Rd and Downtown:
A) 3 sets of DB complex:
10 SA DB Deadlift (5R/5L)
8 SA DB Hang Cleans (4R/4L)
6 SA DB Thrusters (3R/3L)
4 SA DB Power Snatches (2R/2L)
*Complete all reps w/o setting DB down, Go AHAP.
**1min Rest between sets
B) 12-9-6
SA DB Power Snatch @ 55/35
Games Standard Pushups



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