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Bike to CrossFit Central Month

Bike to CrossFit Central Month

October 1, 2013 – October 31, 2013 all-day

Bike To CC Month

For the month of October we’ve partnered with Jack and Adam’s to bring you – Bike to CrossFit Central Month! We want to encourage all CrossFit Central Downtown athletes to break out your bike and ride to and from your workout. Why? (please reference the below ten reasons)

Top 10 Reasons You Should Ride Your Bike to CrossFit Central This Month:
No Traffic
Pre-Warm Up Warm Up
Lowering Your Carbon Foot Print
You Can Tell All of Your Friends You Are SO Eco-Friendly
Agility Practice
Nothing Says Fall Like Padded Spandex
It’s the only form of sitting the American College of Sports Medicine might approve (more on that)
Your Fran time will improve, promise
Helmets Are The New Headband
Active Recovery!

 Bike to CrossFit Central Month, sponsored by Jack and Adams
What to Do: Ride your bike to your CrossFit Central workout through October!  Lock it safely on our new rack which holds up to 15 bikes, donated by Jack & Adams
What You Get from Jack & Adams: 20% off purchases the entire month of October in store & online—this includes bikes!
$25 tune-ups October to January
Free saddle height checks
Safety Check Day at CrossFit Central

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