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Advanced CrossFit Try-outs

Advanced CrossFit Try-outs

May 18, 2013 @ 8:00 am


This try out is a pre-req for all athletes interested in joining the Advanced CrossFit program. Coaches will observe skills based on objective and subjective metrics. Below are the workouts that all interested athletes will take on during the May 18th try outs. From each workout you will be given a score (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3). However, these scores are NOT the only factors taken into account. We will also be evaluating your attitude, dedication, knowledge and proficiency of movement and EFFORT.

Taking ALL factors into account the athlete will then receive a recommendation for training options -> indoor CrossFit with training supplementation, an invitation to the Advanced CrossFit program or an invitation to GGRX training.

Advanced CrossFit Try Outs: Saturday, May 18th 8am and 9am and Tuesday, May 21st 6pm @ RedBlack Gym on Burnet Road

Bear Complex 3×3
Squat Clean to Overhead to Back Squat
Starting weights are below – but your will go up each round as heavy as possible

Level 1: women 65-75lbs, men 95-115lb
Level 2: women 75-95lbs, men 115-135lb
Level 3: women 95+, men 135+

Double Unders in 1 Min

Level 1: under 40
Level 2: 41-69
Level 3: +70

AMRAP in 9 Minutes
3 HSPU (modification OK)
6 OH Squat 65/95
9 Pull Ups

Level 1: less than or = 3 RX rounds *any HSPU modification puts you in level 1
Level 2: > 3 rounds to 6 RX rounds
Level 3: > 6 rounds

Interested in trying out? Email info@crossfitcentral.com to reserve a spot.

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