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Barbell Seminar

Barbell Seminar

April 26, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Spend time with coaches Michael Winchester and Zachary Thiel mastering Olympic Lifts. The Barbell Seminar is designed for those looking to learn and perfect their Olympic Weightlifting for improving performance in CrossFit WODs. All aspects of the snatch and clean & jerk will be covered. The goal is for those who attend to leave with the knowledge and skills to practice their lifting with more proficiency and add pounds onto their lifts. We are looking to make STRONG, POWERFUL athletes in the Sport of CrossFit.

If you are a lifter who needs some more time on the bar, a beginner in need of direction or a CrossFitter that is looking to lift heavier and more efficiently, this is for you. If you are competing in CrossFit at any level – local, the Open, Regionals or the CrossFit Games, then this is a no-brainer.

Barbell Seminar
@ CrossFit Central Downtown
Saturday, April 26th | 10:00am – 2:00pm
$150 per person
Open to 30 Athletes

Intent for Each Participant

#1 To become more proficient at the lifts: to know and understand the basics and practice the fundamentals. Without the fundamentals, you can only progress so far.

Foot and hand placement. Setup, first pull, second pull, third pull: Where should the bar be? Where should my body be? HOW should my body be? Hip extension and contact with the bar — the most debated concepts in Weightlifting. We will break them down and explain to you why and how. Overhead position in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. You can get it overhead, but can you hold it?

#2 To understand movement with the barbell. Lifting is a dance. A beautiful dance. If you are unaware of where your body should be in space or where the barbell should be in relation to your body, chances are you’re leaving some serious pounds on the floor.

#3 To PR. Our goal is for everyone who attends this workshop to PR after having practiced with us.

As you know, Weightlifting and the Sport of CrossFit are now and forever entwined. As our good friend Spencer Arnold puts it: “You can be a good lifter and not be a good CrossFitter, but you cannot be a good CrossFitter if you are not a good lifter.”

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