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Champion Mindset Begins

Champion Mindset Begins

January 31, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

ChampionMindsetChampion Mindset is a seminar series designed to elevate your way of thinking. Create powerful purpose for you life, understand how you will live that purpose, and create goals so that you can fulfill your prophesy.  This is for anyone looking to take their life to the next level, anyone feeling stuck and knowing there is something more for their life.

Weekly Emails with Steps to Live Powerfully
5 Champion Mindset Meetings
Champion Mindset Goal Setting
Champion Mindset Vision Board Creation
Champion Mindset Social

Champion Mindset
January 31st – March 28th
Cost is $150
Open to 15 CrossFit Central or Relentless Boot Camp women

Important Dates:
January 31st: Vision, Purpose and Mission
February 7th: Goal Setting
February 28th: Vision Board Creation
March 7th: Champion Mindset Social
March 28th: Integrity & Intention and What’s Next


 Results From Previous Champion’s Mindset Women:

“Emotional….the list goes on of what I’ve gotten out of Champion Mindset. At first it was what I discovered about myself, my goals in life, limitless if I want it to be, thinking outside my box and bubble, and listening to what I want for myself and not what others want of me. As the weeks progressed in each class, I not only discovered things about myself, but I also saw transformation in other women. I also witnessed women supporting each other. The ability to discover what your potential is at any age is awesome and to see that growth from other women was amazing. Younger, older, midlife, it didn’t matter where you were in your life it was joyous to see that happening for other women. Most of the time you hear of women putting each other down in mainstream what a refreshing change to cheer on your sister and see her evolve in just a few weeks. Yes, a few tears were definitely shed!” – Lina Supnet


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