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Fuel-21 Course Begins

Fuel-21 Course Begins

October 4, 2013 @ 5:00 pm


In this course, participants will learn what to eat to get results and why, clean up their diet, and feel better than they ever have. This 21 day course is designed for those that want to challenge themselves to eat a whole food, nutrient dense diet with focus on motivations, triggers, and group support. If you want immediate results, this course is for you!


For 21 days you will eat REAL FOOD specific to the program, food log, and stay on track by eating from the approved food list. You will receive a manual that will guide you through the 21 day course with recipes, food log entry, and more! This will not always be easy, but you can expect complete support, motivation, and encouragement from your Educational Leader and the group environment!


Before:AfterTotal Loss = 4 Kg (9 pounds) and 10 inches


“Before Fuel-21 I would of said my diet was 80% Paleo and I would allow myself a treat every so often. A few girls from my Crossfit Box were going to take part in Fuel 21 and therefore I decided to also give it a go. My main reasons for doing it was to see how it would affect my performance in Crossfit as well as seeing if it would help improve sleep and general well being. I was looking for something to make me feel healthier and support my endurance and Crossfit Training.


I thought I was fairly strict but I was slightly disillusioned by the “power” of sugar. Who knew that eliminating things like dried fruit and certain foods which you don’t realise have a high sugar content would make me feel so much better. My sugar cravings have gone and now I find myself wanting to snack on protein or healthy fats instead of sugar. I lost 4kgs and 10 inches during Fuel-21. My sport performance has improved and I am the leanest I have ever been, it took a while but by week 3 my sleep had improved and my energy levels feel a lot more level. I now have a good understanding of what really works for my body.”



  • 3 Seminars to motivate you and keep you on track
  • Cooking Demo and Dinner with Paleo Possible
  • Pre and Post Evaluations: Body Composition Testing, Blood Pressure, Ph Alkalinity and Fatty Acid Test, Before and After Photos
  • Unlimited Access for Questions, Support, and Motivation
  • Group Potluck
  • The Fuel-21 Manual which includes: Weekly Menu, Recipes, Food Log, Supplement Info, Your Personal Plan, and more
  • Pre and post workout nutrition
  • Accountability!
  • Emails with Educational and Motivational Info
  • Fuel-21 WristBand Group Potluck or Dinner out to a local Austin favorite
  • Detailed Maintenance Plan for after Fuel-21

October 4 – October 25 (meetings on Oct 4, 11, 25)
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