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Fuel-21: REFUEL Course Begins

Fuel-21: REFUEL Course Begins

September 6, 2013 @ 5:00 pm

REFUEL is a 12 day life-enhancing program with a natural approach to dialing into your nutrition, water intake, and lifestyle. It is a fast track to CLEANSE the body and leave you feeling rejuvenated by using a Bio-Detoxification process. Bio-Detoxification is based on your body’s metabolic biochemistry to provide you with the proper nutrition and supplementation so that the body can eliminate and correct imbalances without harsh cleansing or harsh detoxification.

Through this program, we will work with your body’s biochemistry to address underlying causes of chronic health challenges, imbalances in metabolism, deficiencies and excesses. By bringing the body more into balance, the body will naturally “re-correct” itself, eliminating toxins and encouraging health and healing.

Cleansing your body of sugar, processed foods, and supplying it with vital supplements, nourishing foods, and pure, fresh water will effectively improve your health in a very short time. Detoxification is a process that stimulates your body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. The success of this program, as well as your ability to self-heal, rests mainly on your resolve to focus on your health—now and in the future.


  • Info Leading Up To First Meeting
  • 3 Course Meetings (Prior to Day 1, Day 6, and Day 12)
  • 30 Bio-Detox Packs from Biotics
  • Step by Step REFUEL Plan on What and When to Eat
  • 3 Day Plan Following Cleanse
  • Full Support, Group Accountability, and Results!

September 6- September 18
Cost $155.00
Register & More Information

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