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Zilker Relays

Zilker Relays

August 30, 2013 all-day

zilker relays

We are proud sponsors of the annual Zilker Relays!
Get your team of 4 ready for 2.5 mile run (each!)
Friday, August 30th | 6pm-9pm

Zilker Relay is a 10 mile”ish” event Teams are comprised of 4 runners, each running approximately 2.5 mile”ish” loops from one central festival/transition area. The team concept of the Zilker Relays is not unique, but the combination of a relay, festival home base, drinks and music, make this experience a favorite for runners of all calibers and ages. You don’t have to train like a marathoner for this one. All you have to do is be willing to run/jog/walk/stroll 2.5″ish” miles, enjoy live music and great food and get 3 of your siblings/kids/buddies/colleagues to come join you for this on of a kind running experience.

Race Registration
Zilker Relays T-Shirt
Post Race Dinner
Post Race Beverages
Post Race Concert!!
Cost: $160 per team/ $40 per person with the below promo code

Zilker Relays will also be this month’s CrossFit Classics!
For the August CrossFit classics with CrossFit Austin, we are running a good old fashioned relay race – The Zilker Relays! We have set up a “CrossFit Classics” division (see below) so when you register you will categorized and scored with all of the other CrossFitters taking on this race. PLUS you get food, beverages and a free concert!

Important Information for Registration:
Use the PROMO CODE - crossfitcentral
Under “Division” - Select CrossFit Classics Division



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