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Happy 4th of July!

 The Fourth of July is our chance to celebrate the freedom of our great nation, The United States of America. Like many of our traditional holidays, the original intention of the day has been watered down or maybe even forgotten. For most people July 4th is a day off from work, an excuse to eat BBQ and of course a chance to see fireworks. In the 1700s fireworks were believed to ward off evil spirits. The celebration of our independence was “topped off” with fireworks to add protection to the nation. This year, Texans won’t be lighting fireworks, but never fear, CrossFitters are strong enough to ward off evil spirits on their own. If you need a little entertainment, watch this video on the history of the Fourth of July.

Check out Food Renegade’s delicious ideas for making your Fourth of July full of REAL food!. Enjoy

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