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2013 Success Story: Jerry B.

Jerry Bermudez CrossFit Central Success StoryBefore joining Central I was not in a good place in terms of how I looked and felt. I’ve always tried to be a little active by going on quick runs or hitting the gym. I didn’t have any real motivation to do it on a regular basis. When I was at work I heard a coworker talking about his workouts. He made it sound very intense and I was very curious to find out more about this place. I asked him for more details and told him I was looking for a way to lose weight. I went into CrossFit Central one afternoon and got to see what a WOD looked like. I said to myself, “I just found the place that will change my life.”

It’s always hard to find a good routine or workout regimen. I knew what my goals were but I didn’t know how to get there. I am not very patient when it comes to losing weight or eating healthy so I was always losing a few pounds and gaining them right back. I think that the worst feeling was to keep eating unhealthy foods knowing that they affected me. I was not mentally motivated to bring myself to be more active. The few days that I actually did something active I felt very tired and everything bothered me. Another thing that really bothered me was not being able to fit into my clothes, my closet was filled with many different sizes. I refused buying new clothes because it was the worst feeling trying on new things that didn’t fit.

I lost 40 pounds and 25% body fat

Jerry Bermudez CrossFit Central Success Story
The community aspect of CrossFit Central has played a very important role in my path to success. The motivation that I was looking for was the first thing I noticed at the gym. I was really motivated when I had my first Body Composition at CrossFit Central. At first I was really embarrassed, there was a lot of pinching. The person doing it told me to take a good look because it was all going away. I consider myself lucky because I had the chance to be a part of Big Mike’s class. He has kept me motivated and hungry for more. Shortly after joining I knew I was in the right place to reach my fitness goals but I still had to change my eating habits. Crystal Nelson showed me the way through her program Fuel 21. I realized that combining my eating habits with my new exercise routine would help me reach my goals fast. After about a year of doing this my life completely changed, I feel energetic, confident and I am in the best shape of my life.

The changes that I’ve gone through have helped me inside and outside the gym. I love the feeling of knowing I can do anything I put my mind to. Each morning before class I get excited about different workouts and challenges. I recently participated in GODAI and I enjoyed the physical and mental challenge that I went through. I cannot wait for more challenges, records and goals to come.

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