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Adam’s Success Story

At 280 pounds and a 44” pant size, I made a trip to LA to work on a small film project.  During the trip I had the realization that I was the fattest person in the room everywhere I went!  I immediately decided to make serious changes when I returned to Texas.

I began a regimen of waking up a the crack of dawn every morning to ride my bike. It started off as biking just a couple of miles around the block.  The distance I rode I would have been embarrassing for anyone to see.  However, by the time I was finished, I was sweaty, sore, and exhausted.  I had traveled no more than 2 miles.

The bike rides became easier, they increased in length, and I pushed myself for better and better times.  In a few short months, I lost 60 pounds, which was my original goal.  I began taking on new challenges including jogging and Kung-Fu.

A career change brought me to Austin.  I was determined to stay active and saw that my current routine of was lacking strength building exercises.   One Saturday morning, I met some friends at Lamar Middle School to play touch football.  To our surprise, the track and field were covered in athletes and spectators during The Fittest Games. I had no idea what this CrossFit sport was, but looking around, I could plainly see that the athletes competing had no lack of musculature. One week later, I was attending my Elements class at CrossFit Central.


I lost 15 pounds, 20% body fat & 4 pant sizes

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Since Joining CrossFit Central, the biggest change has been my diet.  Although I had stopped eating fast food multiple times per day, my vice was soda – specifically Diet Coke.  I was practically living on the stuff.  At the time of my Elements course, I was going through about a 2-liter of Diet Coke each day!  Coach Ben Flores set me on the right path, and told me to try and limit myself to one or two cans a day in an attempt to wean me off of it.  I did him one better; I quit cold turkey.  Since that day almost a year  ago, I have not had a single soda!

After several months of eating Paleo, I find myself needing fewer treats and actually craving vegetables. At work, my diet is a source of intrigue and amusement to my coworkers. I’ve become known as the “nutrition guy”, which strikes me as incredibly ironic! I never thought people would be asking me what’s healthy.

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