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Allison’s Success Story

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in July 2009 and decided to joinCrossfit Central in September with the intention of losing the weight I’d gained during that pregnancy. It took took me 9 months to lose all the weight after my first pregnancy in 2007 and I was hoping that starting Crossfit would help me take the weight off faster than the first time. I’d never seen anyone doing those kinds of crazy workouts until I drove by Central on Burnet Road, but it was easy to see that the people doing them were in amazing shape.

I was a two sport athlete in college and for the most part I’ve always maintained a pretty active lifestyle. My commitment was never strong and my motivation to being active was grounded mostly in poor self image. I was convinced that in order to be happy I had to be skinny, so I spent many hours on treadmills, ellipticals, and in spin class. I ran marathons, I biked, I did yoga and ultimately I would still have 10-15 pounds that I thought I had to lose. I never liked the way my body looked and I truly felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

I tried every fad diet there was and if I was able to lose weight on any of them I would always gain it back. I drank more diet coke than I care to admit! I was moody and I was tired all the time. I was a total cliché.


Right now I’m the leanest I have ever been at 14% body fat and I am down to a size 4/6 from an 8/12 in pants and dresses. Most importantly though is that I feel better than I ever thought was possible. Physically I can do things that I never thought in a million years I could do. I eat a clean paleo diet and I control my portions. I drink my coffee black and now I never drink diet coke. The best part is that NONE of it is a struggle at all. I enjoy living this life. I’m undeniably fit. I’m a legitimate athlete. I’m happy and I have energy to spare.


I have the physical body that I’ve always wanted. I now realize how easy it is to be healthy and just how unhealthy I was prior to joining Crossfit Central. I will never go back. Not only have I undergone a physical transformation, but there has been an amazing emotional and mental transformation as well. There is no doubt that I’ve struggled with body image and insecurity my entire adolescent and adult life. Since I joined Crossfit Central just over a year ago I rarely have a single insecure thought about myself! There really is no room for that kind of thinking at Crossfit Central. There is a positive atmosphere of inspiration that surrounds everything there.




Lost over 15% body fat, 21 inches and 5 dress sizes

The whole community that encompasses Crossfit Central has the same focus of helping you make your life what you want it to be. They are absolutely committed to helping you identify and achieve your goals. All that inspiration, commitment and empowerment is contagious. I’m proud of myself in what I’ve done, happy for others in their achievements, and want to spread the word and help the community that is Crossfit Central grow. I want as many people as possible to feel as great as I feel.


Crossfit workouts are like a truth serum for me! Challenging myself physically has helped me believe in me. I am more honest about what it is that I CAN do. The places that used to be stopping points are now the places that I find myself starting from. This happens not just in my classes, but in every aspect of my life. Happiness is my goal. And I get to define what that means for me. Even if it it’s hard it’s always achievable. It has helped me stop making excuses for having the things I want in my life. All the coaches are so well educated and have such a vast amount of experience that they are eager to share with anyone who wants to improve their life.

Coach John Del Peral always expects me to give everything I can in every workout, but he would never ask me to do something that I cannot do. I give my all, every time in everything I do. I feel like I’m a better wife, a better mother, a better friend and most importantly I’m better to myself. There is an atmosphere of accountability that drives just showing up to class. Even on my worst days, because I definitely still have the occasional bad day, I know that showing up will only make my day better. I am without a doubt the best version of myself that I’ve ever been. I’m strong physically and emotionally and the possibilities for my life are only limited by my desire. I am CrossFit and I love it!

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