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Atticus’s Empowerment Story

CrossFit is always gonna kick your butt, you can always improve – that’s what I like most about it.”

prior to crossfit central

I’ve been working out all my life but had gotten stagnant with any kind of results and progress. I was looking for something different and something more interesting.

I played football in High School, where your workouts were always based on performance. From high school on – my workouts were always lacking. I found it hard to find that competitive and performance based fitness. It seemed like the type of fitness that was out there was based on health and vanity and I was looking for more.

after taking on crossfit central programs

With CrossFit I can be competitive with others and myself. CrossFit is always gonna kick your butt, you can always improve and CrossFit always gives you something to reach for.

In 4 months at CrossFit Central I lost 30lbs. I got dialed in to my workouts and nutrition. Before CrossFit I never liked to run. Now I really enjoy it! Recently on my honeymoon I went for a run and ended up running 7 miles in less time than I ran the 5 mile Turkey Trot in November 2008.

Physically, I hurt a lot less and I’m in more athletic shape than ever before. I am more fit now than when I was a high school football player on a State Championship team.


Favorite WOD: Fight Gone Bad and the Total are two of my favorites. I also like Pull Ups becasue you can always improve there and oddly enough, running is now one of my favorites.

Least Favorite WOD: Brupees – But since the I Am CrossFit Challenge I can now do 100 consecutively and feel pretty good.

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