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Brad’s Success Story

During the summer of 2007, I went in for a check-up to transfer medical records and to be a grown-up for once, basically.  The doctor said I needed heart surgery, it was life threatening and needed to be addressed immediately!   This was a result of a congenital issue that’s been monitored my whole life but never caused any issues as an adult.

The whole situation was quite a surprise and led to a hectic few months that included our wedding, my doctoral dissertation defense, a move across the country, and too many surgeon visits to find someone willing to take on my case.  After extensive research it became clear the top medical choice was in Austin, conveniently the city we’d be moving to in a few weeks.  This was the first surgeon who felt my issue was something he could handle and provide a positive outcome.

The following two years brought on new challenges from side effects, sometimes slow progress, and health issues related to the surgery experience, not to mention scheduling the almost daily doctor visits.  The surgery left me with many unwanted side effects including weight gain, lack of joint mobility and thyroid issues requiring continual medication.

I lost 40 pounds & 10% body fat

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At the beginning of 2011, my wife and I signed up for classes at CrossFit Central and have been working on progress since, all along with the admirable group that isCoach Travis Holley’s 6:45 p.m. class.

The effects from the coaching and nutrition advice at CrossFit Central speak for themselves!  I have lost over 40 pounds and 10% body fat.  I no longer take thyroid medicine of any kind, I have excellent blood pressure and full range of motion in my upper body.  I am now one of the only people in my family with solid blood lipid profile results!  After heart surgery the scar tissue in my chest was so bad I almost had to have more surgery to dig it all out.  CrossFitting has reduced the scar tissue tremendously and eliminated the need for further surgery. Additionally, this year at the Zilker Relays, I ran my fastest mile splits since high school!

Many of these results happened in a little over a month!  Some of the test outcomes changed so fast, the nurses assumed the results were errors. Turns out, gluten really does bad things. Who knew?

What is brilliant about CrossFit Central for me is playing a role in other people’s barrier-breaking. Not to say I can’t personally stand to be mentally stronger or better; that’s always true for all of us.  To me, what’s so special about CrossFit Central from this angle is what it means to everyone 45 minutes at time.  Everyone in the world is dealing with something. Every person is coping with a challenge of some degree, whether personal, professional, medical, or just trivial. When they come into CrossFit Central, for 45 minutes a day, they are working to move past all challenges and become a better person. I’ve learned to appreciate this more and value the process of watching it, which is changing my mental perspective!

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