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Coach Crystals Success Story


Before I began training at CrossFit Central, I was a Personal Trainer at a “big box gym”. I had just graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Kineseology and Nutrition and moved to Austin. I was in descent shape, I worked out everyday and my diet was a work in progress. But I wasn’t as lean as I was during my first years of college. I weighed the same as I did in High School but I didn’t look the same. My fitness routine always seemed to hit a plateau or a stopping point and I wasn’t seeing any results, no matter how many times I went to the gym. I was constantly tired and found myself taking unnecessary naps. I knew something had to change.

At the same time I was searching for a new career opportunity in the fitness industry. An old friend of mine, Sarah Stewart, introduced to Jeremy Thiel, owner of CrossFit Central. When I heard about CrossFit I immediately quit my job as a personal trainer at a big box gym and began working for CrossFit Central. I had never heard of CrossFit before, but this was exactly the type of fitness I was searching for, not only for myself but for my future clients.

Since September of 2007 I have seen a 100% turnaround in every aspect of my life. Before joining CrossFit Central I was 23% body fat and I am now at 12%! I’ve lost 5lbs, gained lean muscle, I have energy for days, and my attitude is positive all day.

I know what it means to find inner strength and push yourself through tough workouts. I know how difficult it can be to change your diet, stay on track, and continue taking things to the next level. Now, following the Zone and challenging myself through CrossFit workouts is a part of my life. But, it wasn’t always this way. I made the decision to change my life and get fit – and I am happier because of it.


My goals for the future are to continue dialing in and perfecting my diet as well as dropping in body fat. I am focusing on my weaknesses and pushing towards getting stronger and faster with every workout. In 2009 I plan to be a strong competitor at the International CrossFit Games!

I love what I do. I love when I help a client realize what they’re capable of and help them take their fitness level to a place they didn’t even know they were capable of. I enjoy all of the fabulous trainers and clients that I am blessed to be around at CrossFit Central.

In the New Year I would like to get more people engaged in the CrossFit program, share my personal story, and help them reach their fitness goals. Thank you Crossfit Central for taking me in, making me a part of your family, and changing my life!

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