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Dale’s Success Story

After retiring from the Army, I did not exercise for 9 years and gained 50 pounds!I decided in 2003 that I needed to get myself in better physical condition. For the next 5 years my physical activities included running 25 miles a week.  Life changes halted my running

and when I got to CrossFit Central in December 2010 I had not participated in regular physical training for 15 months.

I have a saying that has been re-enforced many times over since I began participating at CrossFit Central, “there’s nothing I can’t do only things I haven’t tried”. I coined this phrase during my search for a new career opportunity but have found that it applies to the accomplishments I’ve been able to realize since becoming a member of the CrossFit Central community.

The changes to my physical appearance give me the confidence that I really can do anything. I was 54 when I started training here and wasn’t sure if I really could get leaner and stronger at my age.  I knew if I wanted to be around as long as possible to enjoy my grandchildren I needed to give myself and the coaches at CrossFit Central a chance to make my heart larger and the size of my clothes smaller.


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The biggest barrier in my transformation has been food. I love food and I love a lot of food. I knew that in order to get the results that my coaches and I expected I would have to fully change the way I ate.  When I got serious about changing my eating habits, the results I expected began happening.  It was not enough for me to just show up at 5:15 AM, stretch, train and drink a protein shake as soon as I got home. So in April I got strict. The discipline I have followed with my food consumption is what allowed me to achieve the loss in body fat that I expected from the training.
The one thing that will keep me signing up for challenges is the community. The extraordinary coaches like Mike Gregory, Jeff McKinneyAaron Arehart, Jen Cardella,Chris Hartwell and all the others. People like Kris Kepler whom I met for the first time at the barbeque this spring and who treated me like we’d known one another for years. The clients who give of themselves to build a house or drink a beer to raise money for someone that needs their assistance.

Fight Gone Bad is the symbol of why I sign up for challenges. I will probably never win or place in a challenge, but I can still help a service member or service member’s family through the support of the CrossFit community and CrossFit Central. That makes me a winner every time.

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