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Dave’s Success Story

I was feeling sluggish, tired, and un-motivated most the day.  I was putting on weight and it was starting to show, something I was not willing to settle for at my age.  Working out was something I just wasn’t enjoying anymore and I needed a real change.

I have been an active person most of my life, playing lacrosse through Middle and High School and lifting since I was about 16. I did the whole “Globo Gym” thing throughout college and tried to keep it going after school.  It slowly just became more and more boring – I was basically just going to go, on autopilot. I would leave the gym unsatisfied with almost zero results. I work in a career where I spend the entire day sitting behind a computer, and that was slowly catching up to me.

I began CrossFitting at CrossFit Queens in New York.  I dropped 20 pounds in the first 4 months.  Before moving to Austin, I took a 4 month break from CrossFitting. I quickly realized CrossFit was not something I could live without!

I lost 22 pounds and over 6% body fat

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I joined CrossFit Central with renewed dedication to get into shape.  CrossFitting has been a real game changer for me.  Since my initial weight loss, I continue to lose body fat and increase my stamina.  The way my body feels now is something I’ve never felt before!  I have more energy, more confidence and the complete desire to push myself further everyday!

I used to be afraid of hard WODs when they would appear on the schedule.  I would run through the WOD before class to mentally prepare for it.  Now, I’m enthusiastic about every single workout and try to tackle each one a little bit harder than the last.

Before CrossFit Central, I considered myself pretty timid about anything that was outside of my comfort zone.  This whole experience has taught me a lot about myself and what I can push through mentally. There were workouts I thought I would never live through!  Once I made it out alive, I realized I had a new confidence and mental strength which crosses over into everything else I do in life.



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