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Dave’s Success Story


I’m a competitive pistol shooter. This sport involves explosive speed and flexibility as you run through a course of fire to finish in the shortest time possible. As summer came to a close in 2007 I achieved the highest classification in the games-Grand Master. But at the end of a course of fire, a 30 second or less effort I was breathing hard. I noticed I wasn’t moving quickly throughout the course. Evaluation from a few trusted pro-level shooters confirmed it, “you need to get moving” was the common theme.

12 weeks ago my diet consisted of unhealthy choices and my workout routine wasn’t very intense. I only did enough exercise so that I wouldn’t be sore while performing my sport. I was 32 pounds overweight and was wearing the largest size clothes I’d worn in my life. After this examination I began researching fitness routines. Through my sport I found CrossFit. I watched some of the training videos and thought it looked intimidating; but I took comfort in the mention that all the workouts could be scaled to my current ability.





Before joining the CrossFit class I couldn’t run 1/2 a mile without stopping. When I first showed up to my elements session I couldn’t even finish the entire session without stopping to catch my breath. I found myself sitting on the steps outside the gym wondering if they were going to tell me to come back when I could keep up.
Now, after 12 weeks from that first day, I’ve lost over 26 pounds, dropped 10% body fat, and I’ve gone down a couple of pants sizes. The pants size I’ve dropped down to are now even getting loose. I look and feel a lot younger. I’m in the best shape of my life!
The trainers at CrossFit Central are without exception, highly motivated and positive people. Their attitudes are infectious. They believe in the program they teach and truly enjoy making a positive impact in their client’s lives.






I want to continue increasing my speed to improve my performance in my sport. I want to reach 10% body fat and be strong enough to do the workout “Linda”. I want to run 5 minute miles and make running, which has been my weakness, my strength. I want to return to the CrossFit Central community what I have received, and then some!

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