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George’s Success Story

Before joining CrossFit Central my life was a mess when it came to my health. Inconsistency & frustration were the norm. I knew how to workout & eat right.  I believed I didn’t need to have someone tell me what I already knew. However, I didn’t have any support and the endless cycle of excuses continued. I truly did not have the self-discipline to workout on my own.

The change really came when Coach Big Mike Gregory drew the line and stated that I needed to come to class or find something else to do. I didn’t even know him at the time but it woke me up. It also told me right then that CrossFit Central needed my commitment. It was exactly what I needed to break the cycle of excuses. I learned you prosper more efficiently when you have a good support system.


The results that I have seen with CrossFit have been unlimited and too many to count. My strength has gone through the roof! My health is great and as my doctor says, I’m healthier than ever. Most importantly, I broke my pattern of ‘should’. I ‘do’ now in all aspects of my life. I just need more hours in the day.

By starting and sticking with it, I have broken down the old mental barriers of ‘slipping’ and giving up. Life does not wait for you to constantly start over. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle are a constant process. Consistently working out has given me more energy to do things now. In the workouts, it’s amazing when you think you have hit your limit, until you hear your coaches and classmates cheering you on. You dig deeper and find out just how much more you can push and just do it!

Lost over 52lbs, 13% of body fat a 6 pant sizes

You can be new or be an elite athlete and you will equally get your butt kicked by CrossFit. All the coaches care about what they do for you and who you are as a person. There is no wasted money when you see CrossFit as an investment in your health.

CrossFit is tough but anyone can do it. The workouts will kick your butt. You will find days that you kick butt in the workouts. It will always go back & forwards with who wins, but in the end, you will be stronger, you will be healthier & you will love it! CrossFit, is a goup of people that support & encourage a healthy lifestyle. CrossFit is apart of my family. I look forward to going, I care about the people and it gives back to me in so many ways.

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