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Gina’s Empowerment Story

Wake up, go to work, nap at lunch…I was always tired… get off work and drink cocktails until 9pm and do the whole thing over the next day.  At any given time you could find fast food wrappers in my car.  I never went grocery shopping.  I was depressed.  I avoided my family because I hated the way I felt.  My workouts involved going outside to smoke a cigarette.  I was so unhappy.  This was my life before I joined CrossFit Central.

My mom convinced me to try a Relentless Athletic Training class with her.  I reluctantly agreed. I hated working out, I preferred going to the bar with my buddies everyday after work. In my first  55 minutes of CrossFit with Coach Zach Thiel, I threw up three times.  It was awful. I swore I would never be back.  I woke up the next morning after an amazing night sleep and walked taller that day. 

After a few months of outdoor classes,  I decided to join a morning indoor class with Coach Michael Gregory.  I was the only member of his 8 am class and I was terrified! I quickly discovered I was stronger than I thought and was encouraged by the way CrossFitting made me feel.

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I have been at CrossFit Central for over 3 years.  In the last year, I literally grabbed my life by the cajones and said to myself “you are running out of time”!  Now it is about changing my lifestyle to get what I wanted.  I wanted bikinis.  I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes.  I wanted to be proud of who I am. 
My legs have definition instead of just looking like tree trunks.  My arms are freaking rocking!  My mental health isn’t an issue.  Go GO GO GO all day and sleep at night.  Something I didn’t do for over 5 years.

Thanks to the confidence I have found through CrossFit Central I am in school full time with a plan in hand!  I have never had a plan or a true purpose and college did not seem like an option.  

I am now a non-smoker.  A runner.  I am confident.  I am strong.   I love my job and can appreciate it as the vehicle to help me getting me through school and where I want to be in life.   I care about my heart, my blood pressure and the food that I put into my body.  I never stay in bed afraid to face the world.  I know that I have to sweat to maintain positive mental health.


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Gina lost 30 pounds & quit smoking

I feel like if I can do 85 pull ups in a workout then I can take on anything.  When I started at CrossFit Central I could barely run 1 mile (actually I couldn’t.)  I am now running 7 miles with friends on Sundays—without stopping![quote align="center" color="#FF0000"]
I never say I can’t anymore.  I say I will try.  I have worked so hard to get to where I am in the last year. [/quote] It helps when I start my day with Coach Big Mike.  I have this feeling when I walk out of CrossFit Central that I can handle anything.

I feel like nothing can stop me.  I am better than I was.  I am stronger, faster and more confident.  I feel like a part of a family and I love it!

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