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Jaimie’s Success Story

I’ve always enjoyed working out and being fit is important to me. Two weeks before joining CrossFit Central’s program I qualified for the Boston Marathon. I worked out on average five times a week for an hour a day. I hadn’t seen any physical changes in the past couple of years and was becoming frustrated with not seeing results from all of the training time I put in. I also had 3 knee surgeries on my right knee and was continuously overcompensating for this in my fitness regimen.

I heard about CrossFit Central from a friend. I had just finished a run at Town Lake when I saw CrossFit Central doing a community workout under the bridge. I walked over and introduced myself and the coach invited me to try out a Boot Camp program. I’ve always had a gym membership and participated in group sports, but this would be my first group class.








I have now been involved in the CrossFit Program for eight months. I have lost inches everywhere!I have lost 10 pounds and dropped 5% body fat. I am much happier with my stomach and upper body. I am a faster runner and I have even more endurance than before. Better yet, my knee feels great! I’m not compensating for it as much anymore.












Today my goals are to further increase my skill as a runner and continue improving my speed. I would also like to continue increasing my endurance levels and become a better swimmer for my triathlon competitions!

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